Your Mental Health Comes First

By Nsi Amah

Hey Bronze Beauties! There is a lot going on right now with the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. This is definitely a stressful time for everyone, especially the black community. It is good to stay current with what is going on, but please, try to keep the updates to a minimum. It’s best to put limits on how much you take in on a daily basis. Overindulging in bad news can drain you, causing a negative effect on your mood and your day. Here are some suggestions on how to relieve yourself from negative energy and put your mental well-being first.

Limit the news

Be careful with how much news you take in on a daily basis. Believe it or not, the news cycle can ruin your day. It can also create a global panic. Limiting your news intake is essential, especially if you are dealing with anxiety or depression. Personally, I don’t watch the news daily; I take more time for indulging in my favorite shows or comedies. If you live with a family member or roommate who is constantly watching the news, lower the volume of the TV or simply remove yourself and go to another room in your home. You shouldn’t indulge with them. This would be a good time to take a walk or sit in your backyard.

Detach from social media for a day or two

Everyone wants to post every single news event or update onto their social media platform; that can drive you nuts! If that gets too overwhelming, then delete the app or just avoid social media all together for a few days. Focus on things that make you happy. I binge watch some of my favorite Netflix shows or start new shows that I have been wanting to watch. Staying active will help too. Going for a run, getting some fresh air, or a walk through the park would be good as well. Experiencing nature and listening to birds has been known to lower blood pressure, believe it or not. Do anything you need to do to get your mind off of things.

Self care

Self care is different for everyone, but it is greatly encouraged to do it on a daily basis. I’d advise doing anything you have been wanting to do for yourself. I have been painting and learning a lot about art; it has become therapeutic for me. I have grown to love painting and don’t regret my decision. Self care can consist of creating a spa day for yourself twice a week or demanding a day for yourself without the kids. You could make a practice of limiting how much conversation about the news you have with your friends and family. Self care is important; it will help you relax, give you more energy during the week and reduce stress levels. Do what you have to do to take care of yourself.

Talk to a loved one

Family and friends are essential to stay close to during these challenging times. When you need to vent and talk about what has been going on worldwide, pick up the phone and call a loved one. It will be a good way to relieve some stress and release a lot of negative energy that you have been carrying around. It is not healthy to dwell on stress alone; as much as we want to take care of things ourselves, it can be too much. We carry a lot more that we can handle because that is what we are accustomed to doing. Remember, there is always someone who has a listening ear; that person who is there for you who can listen and not respond. It’s okay to feel, cry and just blurt everything out. That is what you need, in addition to your friends and family. Take care of yourself and take care of your mental health.

Image Credit: Nappy by Pexels

This post is for informational purposes and should not substitute for guidance from a qualified mental health professional.


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