By Sustainable Business & Living Contributor L. Denise Jackson

The heart is the sole organ in the body that controls everything!  Did you know that?  Your brain can die and your heart will keep you alive.  It pumps the blood to all the organs and receives blood back to it to keep it pumping.  So while it is the source and dependent at the same time, your heart receives emotions like it receives blood and it also controls what it dispenses.  Wow!  The heart is one amazing organ.  What other organ does that?  The brain doesn’t.  It sorts, organizes, arranges, creates, and talks to the body but the blood that it needs to survive and stay alive comes from the almighty heart.  The brain can cause and control several diseases and ailments if it is in poor operating condition.
The heart also sustains your passion that keeps you motivated to move forward with your business and life goals.  It fuels the energy and feeds off the admiration of those around to continue to do more.  Your passion is encased in cavities of the heart to help, heal, build, love, care, fight, and pursue for all that is yours to give to others and the world.
Your heart holds the love for people in your life with open arms to embrace others and while sensitive, it is also one of the strongest alliances that you have.  It has beat for you since before you made your debut into this world.  It has taken any abuse of sleep deprivation, physical overload, emotional breakdowns, substance abuse, and relationship wreckage.  Your heart also holds the power of destruction with anger, fear, hate, malice, depression, pain, and deviousness.  This is the organ that can control the brains actions or disable logical thinking and it can also influence the brain towards self-serving activity.
Like the brain, the heart can heal itself when traumatized and become anew.  The heart can be replaced and continue to supply the body with all the blood and energy it needs.  My question for you today is does your heart need to rest, heal, or be replaced for you to sustain your path?  Ok, I have another question.  What do you need to do with your heart to ensure it will continue to operate as best it can inside you to positively impact your life and those around you?  Do you need to feed it oatmeal with blueberries, blackberries, bananas, and strawberries?  What about some baked or grilled salmon and slices of avocado on top?  Maybe you need some nuts or sautéed spinach in olive oil?  How about a smoothie or a tablespoon of peanut butter as your snack? 
Do you exercise your heart?  Do you talk to your heart?  Ok, I will begin with the exercise because some of you are thinking “talk to your heart?”  When you lay down at night do you massage your heart and the area around it giving yourself a deep tissue massage?  The masseuse cannot do it.  That’s illegal.  But you can!  Massage the arteries around your heart to the left and right from the center of your chest.  You may think you are not reaching it but you are…you will sleep better.  Something else you can do is stretch your upper body with your arms stretched up, out, behind, and bending over to touch your toes can give your heart room to move, readjust and breathe.  Walking or a stationary bike is an easy activity (for those who can) to exercise the heart and make it stronger.
Now there are two ways to talk to your heart.  The first way is to read positive information; put joy into your heart and pray or meditate to keep peace within your heart.  The second is to put your hand over your heart and say, “Heart I thank you for being so faithful to me for all these years even though I may not have been the best to you.  But today I am going to do better and start by taking you for a walk or exercising you.  I appreciate you and you deserve it.” 
Whatever you do, take care of your heart so that it can take care of you and you can take care of the community around you and impact the world.
Thank you to Dr. Daniel Hale Williams for being the first African American to perform open heart surgery and for establishing Provident Hospital and Training School Association, where he trained other African American doctors and nurses, as well as being a charter member and officer for the National Medical Association, to take care of the most important organ we have.
L. Denise Jackson is the Founder of The Professional Green Network (PGN).  The PGN is an international training company that serves busy professionals and business owners that want to live and operate sustainably, as well as profitably.  To learn more about upcoming events and training go to or


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