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“You Are What You Attract.”


By Latasha M. Ford


Is it class? Is it professionalism? Is it sex? Is it grace? Is it confidence? Is it desperation? Is it sharp? Or, is it tacky? What is it that your image exudes?

Image is Everything!

As women, we have to take a step back for a moment to properly assess the type of image and energy that we give off. Because ultimately you are what you attract! Whether we would like to come to this realization or not. What has now been found in the modern-day woman is that more often than not, we are not dressing up to par’ nor for our individual body types, period. Perhaps this is an area whereas professional expertise can intercede. And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a professional image consultant. There are times that others see externally what we cannot see internally. How many times have you crossed paths with someone who has fixed your collar, shared with you that you have ripped your pantyhose, or whispered to you that you’re missing an earring? Professional image consulting, nowadays, is a form of fashion expertise that has now become the new norm; in addition to being a booming business market. Ladies, we are unique and beautiful in a multiplicity of ways. As such, we should be positioning oneself to attract all of which we desire.

Career driven women, while in the office space, should dress as such. And, single ladies, when you take a step back with being transparent and honest with yourself.. Are you wheeling in the type of man that you would like to date? Perhaps there is an inter-correlation of what they see once eyes are placed upon you. You are likely attracting what you are. And, this also relates to the work space. My beautiful mother has always instilled within me that, “You only have one chance to make a lasting impression. And, depending upon the position that you currently are in, never dress for where you are but for where you are going.” As such, you will never catch me slipping! The question is, will you be caught slipping?

What are your goals when you enter the doors of that 9-5pm? Are you seeking potential growth opportunity or the opportunity to stunt your growth? When you walk into that boardroom does your presence demand respect from others? In crossing paths with others do people inquire as to what industry or profession you operate within? Are you noticed or do you go unnoticed? Bottom line is, you want to be taken serious and it is your image which dictates such. You should never give off the impression of dressing for happy hour while at your 9-5pm. I’m just saying! Again, when you want to be taken serious, your image must be up to par. In retrospect, for the most part, men prefer for their women to be one who can be taken to a work convention, a gala, a backyard BBQ, home to mother, a picnic, so on and so forth. So, representing yourself in a manner whereas he has no worries, doubts or questions, more often than not will work in your favor, as it pertains to love. And, the same goes for men.

What Does your Image Say About You?


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