By Contributing Writer Danee Riggs

I had it in my mind to write a love song. I wanted to let my brothers know how much they are appreciated. The only problem is, when I sat down to write, I ran over the allotted verses, my words flowed like a crescendo over and down the page and went on and on and on…

It’s not Father’s Day, not any brother or male friend’s birthday day in particular. And this is exactly why it’s a good time to sing my praises.
In a world that seldom celebrates all that is good and beautiful, strong and wonderful about our black men, I thought I would remind everyone that we shouldn’t need a holiday to do just that. So I write to you this (extended) love song. I think most of my sisters would agree with me when I say “we see you”; sitting at the table doing homework with your children, attending sports events and recitals, leading your families into worship services, praying over your kids at night and before they leave home each day, honoring your wives and loved ones, stepping up in the community to show young men and young women that you are NOT a myth as others would have them to believe.
“We see you.” It may not be on screen in Hollywood or on the lips of those who confuse “no good black men out here” with the deadbeats and hooligans that they allow in their inner circle, but we see you. We have removed the blinders that many of us have donned for far too long. We refuse to allow the ignorance of some to be the standard of what we believe concerning you.
I’ve recently written a story entitled ‘My Only Son’ about a young man who is diagnosed with the AIDS virus and his family’s struggle as they try to come to grips with ramifications of his disease. At the helm is a strong black man, one who adores his wife, loves his son and recognizes the power of his contribution to his community.
It wasn’t a hard write or a far stretch.  I know that you’re out there, loving, giving, learning and growing. For those who may be reading this and know that you haven’t lived up to the title of ‘MAN’- I won’t dismiss nor degrade you but it is time to step up. Stand strong with pride! If no one else says it, I believe that you can do it!
For those who fit the bill, who stand as the example day in and day out doing the things that should be done- not for accolades or acknowledgement but simply because they should be done, remember that we see you. As for myself, my heart swells with pride.
(For those of my sisters that don’t mind giving props to the awesome men that are out there, feel free to leave a comment below and sing your own song of praise to the father, husband, brother or friend in your life. Let them know that “we see them” as you shout them out by name! 😉

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