Working Class: Outfits Swaps for School to Work

While there is a moderately loose dress code that you can take full advantage of at school (I see the sweatpants at the coffee shop, I empathize) work is a bit more rigid against hoodies and Ugg boots. Many students do have part or full time jobs while in school, and even more have them on the same day! Bless those who do!

But getting a head start with dressing for the professional world doesn’t hurt anyone. Despite companies being more lax with dress codes, they still want employees looking professional at all times. Professional = promotable. And if your professor sees you taking their course seriously, they’ll take you seriously. Which is great when you need a letter of recommendation for internships, graduate studies or a fellowship.

For the girl that has the 8 to 10 class and then work after, or the 9 to 5 shift and evening classes, or somewhere in between, here are some quick outfit switches to take school to work.

Shirt to Blouse


work-to-school1   work-to-school2


Get this Vince Camuto Shirt here! (Psst, it also comes in Plus Size!)

Or this button-up top from Modcloth!

The first swap is the top. College is a great way to express yourself with graphic tees and plaid flannels, but you can find other ways to tell your co-workers you went to CurlFest2016. Rock your curls or waves over a button up top or blouse for an A-class look for school and work. A crisp button up worn over a shirt is a great way to sneak in layers without diminishing professionalism.

Cardigan to Blazer




Get the black blazer from Ann Taylor here!

And a yellow blazer similar to the fierce boss lady here!

The cardigan is a great upgrade from a hoodie for a classier look (see what I did there?) at school and work, but nothing says work ready like a simple blazer. They even dress up jean outfits if your job has a more casual dress code. A fitted blazer can rock your presentation and please your boss at work over dresses, ankle pants, flares, and even skinny jeans. Plus, some blazers have pockets that remove the need to grab your life-carrying tote bag for break out of the office.

Backpack to Handbag

work-to-school5 work-to-school6


work-to-school7 work-to-school8


All of them are from Payless, and they are all on Sale!

Ok, so most women do forgo the backpack look once they leave high school or undergrad study. But it’s making a sleeker, more work-appropriate comeback onto the backs of young professionals and commuters alike. A neutral bag is a must have for work, and some have laptop sleeves and handy smaller bags to minimize your luggage for a snack break; or coffee, if it’s the dreaded 8am class.

Did these picks for a working girl/student make the grade? Do you have more tips, ideas or comments? Please leave them below so that we can all feel like bosses on campus and at the cubicle!

by Schane Flowers




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