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Tis the season everyone is searching for healthy beauty gifts, not only for the woman who has everything, but also for the gift that no one else will give. Well, have no fear, the cool new products are here…

Winter is always the season when our skin gets dry and chapped. Our hands and feet get the most abuse from the cold and wet weather, especially during long hours of holiday shopping. Parodi Professional Care has the solution for you! It’s an excellent gift for you and your favorite hairdresser, barber, fireman, handyman or housekeeper. This is an easy remedy for anyone whose hands and feet are overworked from over exposure to water, chemicals or long hours of standing. What does Parodi products do? Parodi is primarily dedicated to caring for the unique needs of salon professionals and their salon clients worldwide. Everyone from moms to medical professionals can benefit from Parodi Professional Care products. Their care line is broken down into four main products: two for your hands and two for your feet. The daily hand cream and the intensive hand cream for overnight adds the much needed moisture and resilience back to your skin after a long day of wear and tear. The foot products are similar. First you have the smoothing exfoliate that helps remove dead skin and reduce calluses.  It will turn any shower into a foot spa. The nourishing foot cream is the after shower treatment that keeps your feet smooth and hydrated for a softer touch. However, what makes this product unlike others is its ingredients. Parodi infuses its extremely concentrated formulas with three high performance core ingredients: Narce (Mother of Pearl)- which helps promote lustrous supple skin, Hypericum (St. John’s Wort)- which offers cosmetic and antioxidant properties for balancing texture and maintaining essential natural moisture, and Spilanthes- which helps soothe irritated skin. Yet that is not all. Parodi pairs these ingredients with the latest in scientific skin care along with other natural botanicals such as Arnica, Sacha Inchi and Evening Primrose Oil, all known for their beautifying and calming properties. Follow them @parodicares or visit their website


For the fashionista that has everything, take…NOTE! I’m not talking about a message, but rather the new makeup line, NOTE Cosmetics, that prides themselves in using special natural ingredients like Argan oil, Shea Butter and Macadamia Nut Oil to improve your skin on the inside while beautifying your look on the outside. What is best about this product is that the whole line has SPF protection in every product to protect your skin from damaging ultra violet rays. Only three years old, Note Cosmetics is a high quality passion driven professional cosmetics brand that embraces art by using your face as the canvas with a palate of amazing colors to paint your face beautifully. NOTE prides themselves on being a European brand that is more than a make-up line. Instead, they are an award winning luxe cosmetic brand at affordable prices. The impressive office gift that looks like you spent $100 when you spent only $10. If you don’t believe me, then go to their website. They spent time making certain that the colors on the site are an exact match to the product shipped to you. A personal favorite is the Sunglow Foundation with SPF15 and vitamin E. When applied it gives you a nice shimmer without feeling greasy.  I also enjoyed their rich color lipstick. Infused with Coca Butter and Argan oil, it has staying power like the long stay lipsticks but without paraben, which has been said to contribute to the cause of cancer. Made for every shade this holiday season…. Secret Santas, take NOTE. Follow them at @NOTECosmetics


Staying with healthy choices (which seems to be the buzz words these days), my last choice is for your hair. This product caught my attention because of its name and how great it smelled. Every lady loves to smell good, especially her hair. BCL Naturals, which stands for BE CARE LOVE is hypo-allergenic, has no sulfates and no harsh preservatives. It’s PH balanced and vegan! Yes vegan! It’s also cruelty free, paraben free, color safe with no GMOS’s, no phthalates, and gluten free. It’s next level natural hair care. The repair and reconstruction line has a calming rose and apricot spa scent while containing organic sea kelp to strengthen and fortify your hair. It also has organic carrot seed oil to protect your hair and its color from environmental damages. The last two ingredients are organic aloe vera, used to rejuvenate and condition, while organic quinoa oil is used to restore the protein matrix to strengthen your hair shaft. The intense hydration line uses lavender and avocado oil for a soothing spa scent. The line also contains four ingredients that repair you hair naturally, starting with the organic carrot seed oil. Similar to the repair and reconstruction line, it helps protect your hair and its color from environmental damages. Organic avocado oil is used to condition and moisturize your hair deeply. Organic soy protein works to strengthen and protect your hair shaft naturally. And lavender oil helps control breakage, a common problem with treated or over styled hair. In short, BCL Naturals states they are luxurious formulas that are naturally clean to give your hair true performance. Pre-order your product by going to The product line is scheduled to launch January 2017, so you heard it here first! Follow them at @bclnaturals


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