Why Jealousy Fails

gossip_450x200We live in interesting times. Outwardly, everyone appears to be secure, confident, and bold. Yet, the term hating seems to dominate many unofficial evaluations of people. I have overheard so many conversations that quickly emphasize hating behavior. Now, I truly don’t believe most people are haters or naysayers. Although I am very confident that jealously is alive and well in our society. A very important question needs to be asked. Why do people bother to display jealousy and envy? As baffling as the notion is, there are some obvious reasons. Most of the reasoning is rooted in the reality that as much as we want to flaunt the attitude of vanity, so many people are really unsure of their worth. In a culture where selfies seem to brandish narcissistic behavior, it’s difficult to fathom people feeling unwanted and unloved. But jealousy feeds on insecurity. Focusing on the negative aspects of people is self-destructive. Jealousy will never flourish because the very concept really exposes one’s thoughts about herself and not others.

Statements like “she thinks she is cute” and “I don’t see the hype” may very well be cunning ways to escape the acknowledgement of positivity. I believe we should be more focused on speaking victory for others just as we would ourselves. The tongue is a powerful tool that often sets the course of imagination and will power. Why belittle others in their endeavors while the very thought of uplifting their gifts will always be more fruitful for both you and them? Jealously fails because love triumphs all. Love will always prevail as long as people have the hope of better things to come. Love isn’t just something we give other people. Love is a wonderful concept we deserve ourselves. Real love is not based on over-hyped vanity or exaggerated public displays of affection. Love is about how you treat yourself and others. Jealousy fails while real love flourishes. Eliminate jealousy by showing love. It’s so worth it.


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