Why Do You Wear Makeup?

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I know it seems like a ‘duh’ question, but if we examine any woman on a daily basis we can tell her mood based upon her makeup look. Many women do their makeup based upon career, activities for the day, mood, weather as well as other factors. As women we can put on a bold lip and say “I’m confident today.” We can rock out with a bold or smokey eye to capture or command attention. Nothing says I’m feeling sexy, confident, and ready to conquer the world like a bright red lip. On the other hand, we can tone it down for a natural look and say I’m about my business today. We can glam it up or do subtle glam. There are endless possibilities we have as women to artistically express ourselves with makeup.
makeup1 (2)Makeup offers the obvious in covering up our perfect imperfections. Because we are being super women and don’t get enough sleep, we have to conceal our dark circles so we don’t have the raccoon look. Makeup also gives us the option of hiding any weight we may have gained by using the contouring technique. Some women have even admitted that putting on makeup is the only time they have for themselves.
For me, I like the application process. Just seeing how you can create a different look by changing from a brush to a sponge, mixing foundations, how to repair an oops, or combining brands is fun for me. Makeup is something I can connect with many other women on and learn from. The one thing that I love and appreciate is how on weekends I go makeup free to show I don’t need to hide behind it; so when I do put it on its more enjoyable and fulfilling. I do believe in letting your skin breathe as well as embracing my natural canvas.
I know it can be frustrating and hurtful when someone tells you you don’t need all that makeup, or they question why you put makeup on your face in the first place, and any other negative comments made about makeup; but educating people on the artistry of makeup, its role as a confidence booster, and it simply being a way of life will end the negative talk. So with all of this I challenge you to answer the question, “Why do I wear makeup?”


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