by Lakeba Wallace

teensAre teens socially deprived if they are not hanging out, smoking, drinking, dating, having sex or attending their prom?

Nowadays, there are so many activities and after school engagements that captures the attention of a teen.  Who or what determines the level of socialization that each activity will bring and/or offer a teen?

Parents should be more focused on how a teen is progressing academically; social skills can and will be developed as teens progress in life.  But, what are good social skills without a good education?

Parents should not force their teen to hang out, attend their prom or date.  Parents need to be more involved and concerned with their teen(s) academically.  Statistics prove that teens drop out of school because they lack an interest in gaining an education; not because they failed to attend their prom or other functions at their school.

I’m certainly not against teens being involved with school activities, but involvement with school activities should not be the determining factor for a teen to gain social skills or the skills that are necessary to excel in life.  Social skills are great and needed, but education is the key to socializing successfully.


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