Where Are You on the Anti-Aging Spectrum?

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I come from a family of women who thought makeup was for clowns and didn’t do much when it came to skincare. From that I learned or thought that women of color in particular didn’t need sunscreen, creams, serums, and potions to age gracefully. As I matured I began learning about my own skin and realized I wasn’t blessed with my mother’s genetics; I had my father’s, which was full of problems. So I began to research and figure out what was best for my skin. Still I only thought keeping my skin blemish free was the only problem area that needed to be addressed. Fast forward to now and I have become more skincare health conscious. No, I don’t have wrinkles and crows feet, but I do understand the importance of practicing great skin care habits.

It’s never too early to begin slowing down the signs of aging. I’m not one of those women who doesn’t want to age; but improving your skins tone, texture, and clarity is important. We go into the world everyday and the environment wreaks havoc on our skin so we must protect it. Let’s be honest, when we feel good enough to go out makeup free, that does something to our soul and spirit that we just can’t deny.

Are you health conscious in your regime, or have you not even thought about it? Of course we know the number one thing we all can do to protect our skin is to wear sunscreen. If we do nothing else we must protect our skin from head to toe against the harmful rays of the sun. What I’ve found to be helpful is looking for products with vitamins a, c, and e. Finding a cleanser and moisturizer that provide multiple benefits is the best way to stay skincare conscious without breaking the bank and having too many steps in your routine.

by Rosalyn Robinson

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