When You Have the Valentine’s Day Blues: Things Singles Can Do to Get Rid of the Single Blues

By Patrice Rivers

Even though Valentine’s Day is only once a year, it doesn’t have to be a bad or depressing time for those that are single.  Ladies, if you are single, don’t sweat it! There are a lot of fun things you can do so you won’t have to feel like you are missing out on cupid day! While there are thousands of couples who spend a lot of money and energy trying to prove their love for one another plus going out to eat or the movies, the single ladies can be out with other single girlfriends and shaking a tail feather at home or at a special place.  But guess what? You aren’t alone because being single is a state of mind and if we decide to be happy, sad, depressed or miserable about it, then it will only determine how our mental state is.  Will you get jealous of other people that have a boo, a husband or a wife and you are sitting home alone (by choice), as your mind begins to wonder and you feel a little jealous and irritation in your mind and heart?  It doesn’t always have to be like this single ladies! Even if you go out with a male or female friend, that is just as good. If you are wondering what you can do to brighten up your smile on Valentine’s Day, check out these amazing ideas!

Plan a single party for you and all your single friends! That’s right ladies! Plan a single ladies party at someone’s house.  Get some inexpensive decorations from Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart and decorate the house.  You can even get food catered from some of your favorite eateries and buy some wine and get your bottle poppin! If you or one of your friends have an iPhone and a speaker, play music from your favorite playlist. It doesn’t take a whole crowd to celebrate being single!

Go to the movies! If you aren’t in the party mood, grab a couple of your friends and choose a good movie to watch. I guarantee that the movie theaters won’t be crowded.

Embrace self-love! What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than to reflect on how much you love yourself? Nobody else is going to love you better than you love yourself! Truth be told!

Go get a pedicure and/or manicure from your favorite spa! When you are single, you don’t have to rely on a man or (woman) to treat you when you can treat your own self! Get your glow on!

Spend time with family! If you have siblings or if your parents aren’t going out, this is the perfect opportunity to have great conversations with your family.  You can even break out the board games that have been collecting dust under the dining room sofa.

Whatever you decide to do, make the best of it and create new memories for yourself. You have only one life to live, so you might as well make the most of it. Don’t ever stress yourself about single life, or especially worrying about Valentine’s Day, which happens only once a year! Get your single lady walk on and enjoy the best day of your life like it is going out of style!

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Patrice Rivers is an author, writer, blogger and owner of That Riverz Gurl Brand. She is also the Editor-N-Chief and owner of Blaqversity Magazine. Read more about Patrice by visiting

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