What’s So Funny? Not this Beauty OMG Moment!!

We call them laugh lines but this aging mishap is far from funny. Laughter, smiling and moving the facial skin by the muscles below, actually serve as somewhat of a massage, helping to deliver blood, antioxidants and endorphins to the skin’s surface. While laughter may provide a map to where laugh lines will develop, it is actually the damage done below the skin that will cause lines to become prominent, eventually leading to wrinkles.

Why is this? The laugh lines that develop to the outside of the mouth understandably define that area of our faces.  After years of continuous muscle movement the laugh lines extend and deepen. To exacerbate the deep wrinkles, our skin loses its tightness and we see the result: our laugh lines became creases and eventually folds in the skin.

Skin damage happens on multiple levels. For starters, even small amounts of stress can induce hormones, and kick the biological function into high gear. As this happens, free radicals develop as part of the process of oxidation. When this process has taken its toll, and isn’t countered with immediately accessible antioxidants, the process of aging is kicked into high gear.

Other variables that can lead to developing laugh lines are sun damage from regular, unprotected sun exposure, sunburn, poor diet and bad habits such as excessive drinking and smoking. These variables cause a breakdown of biological function, forcing available antioxidants into a role of defender as opposed to offering reparation to naturally occurring physiological functions. Fighting the development of laugh lines is a prime example.

OMG Fact! Women are more prone than men to form wrinkles around the mouth. There are a few reasons why:

  1. According to a recent analysis by dermatologists in the Netherlands, women have fewer oil-producing sebaceous glands around the upper lip – meaning less oil to keep the skin soft and supple.
  2. Women (particularly postmenopausal women) have fewer blood vessels in the upper lip area resulting in less blood flow to the region.
  3. The muscles around the mouth are closer to the skin in women than they are in men; this can mean the skin is pulled closer, leading to wrinkles.

Preventing this small injustice can be fairly simple:

~You can ingest antioxidants in the form of vitamins, as well as minerals and enzymes, and our bodies also produce them naturally.

~ Natural fruit enzyme peel to shed off the top layer of the skin and allow collagen build up and cell renewal process to occur faster.

~Vitamin E Pack: Break 3 vitamin E capsules and put them in a small bowl. Two teaspoons plain yogurt, half a teaspoon of lemon juice and honey needs to be added. This mixture needs to be applied over the face, left over for 10 minutes and rinsed off with plain water. This acts as an anti-wrinkle pack and nourishes the skin well.

~ Facial massage: Massage enhances the blood circulation and also results in the tightening of muscles and the underlying tissues. This reduces the fleshiness of the skin and prevents from having wrinkles. Places where wrinkles have already set in can be massaged with coconut oil at night. Try bananas: Bananas are the best for anti-wrinkle treatments. One fourth of a banana mashed and applied over the face work wonders. After 10-15 minutes it needs to be rinsed off with warm water.


~ Sleep on your back: As a result of lying upside down or sideways. Wrinkles may be formed. So it is highly recommended to lie down straight and on your back. This type of sleeping eliminates the problem of wrinkle formation.


By Candice Frederick




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