What Have You Been Neglecting?


For so long I was focused on making sure my mug was makeup optional. I became more conscious of ingredients and listened to what my skin was telling me it needed. As I learned more I couldn’t help but notice that there are other parts of the body that age as well and will reveal my true age if not properly cared for. Because I don’t have crow’s feet, deep dark circles, or bags the size of oranges, I felt I didn’t need an eye cream. The deeper I divulged into skincare I noticed my neck was being treated like a step child. I thought I could just carry my face moisturizer down to my neck and it was fine. Lastly, when I heard a more mature woman say, “You can always tell a woman’s age by looking at her hands,” a light bulb went off.

Of course I decided to see what the hype about an eye cream was all about. I’ve found that the more I used an eye cream my concealer didn’t crease, and the amount of concealer needed decreased; the puffiness in the morning is little to none, and my under eye area has brightened over time. I also decided to give my neck a little more moisture and attention. I’m not one for piling on the products, so I researched and found a great moisturizer that works wonders for the face and neck area. So often we don’t think to address an issue until we see signs of darkness, wrinkles, or aging. For me, moisture and prevention is key. As for those who are a little more “anti aging” conscious there are great products out there. The same woman who told me about my hands also encouraged me to pay more attention to the amount of  hand sanitizer usage, encouraging me to use one with vitamin e to help moisturize.

As women it’s in our nature to pick, poke, and pry until we find something wrong. Then we’ll focus on that “problem,” while all the while neglecting something else. What are you neglecting?

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