Use Your Wow Factor

by Glenys Colclough

244109242273219968_xhpyLYRh_cThe wow factor is not about impressing others and going above and beyond to do or acquire things to blow their minds.  The wow factor has everything to do with who you are and your belief in your ability to create and live the life you wish for.  It’s about going beyond the limitations you think you have to reach your highest potential.  It’s about blowing your own mind with an inner power you never knew existed or never thought you had access to.

I want you to think for a moment about the last time you did something that you thought you could not do.  You more than likely went back and forth over the pros and cons and if you could successfully bring to life what you dreamed of doing.  You talked yourself into and out of it so many times, that frustration led you to tossing the dream aside or throwing caution to the wind and going for it.  I’m willing to bet that if you mustered up the courage to go for it and you achieved what you set out to do, you took a step back, gave yourself a pat on the back and enjoyed the natural high you experienced, thinking “hey, that wasn’t so bad.”  We’ve all been there at some point in our lives.  That is what I call the wow factor; that moment when you prove to yourself that your use of your God-given ability to overcome and succeed actually works.

I know there are things that occur in life that we have no control over that may hinder us and set us back, but that is not an excuse to throw in the towel, give up and hope that you will one day become lucky enough to live the life of your dreams.  Luck is only a small part of being successful in life. You have to keep working, pushing and giving an unshakeable amount of determination to see your way through, regardless of any storm that may come your way.  You have the power to co-create your life with the universe and if you do not have a healthy dose of believing in yourself, many dreams and opportunities will never see the light of day.  If you build your faith, keep your determination intact, hold on to persistence and release any fear you may be holding on to, you can and will overcome and move pass whatever stumbling blocks that may come your way.  If you do this, your wow factor will become a special glow that follows you wherever you go.  It will become your aura.  It will enter the room before you do and linger long after you are gone.  It’s a sense of being confident, but not conceited; of being sure of where you came from and where you are heading.  The wow factor empowers you to break through barriers seen and unseen.  It’s that oomph that most dream of having, but is unsure of where to find it.

I urge you to use your wow factor to place yourself at the forefront of receiving that which you wish for.  You have full access to it.  Right now, in this very moment, you can change your life around if you believe in your power to do so.  All that is required is that you simply believe, take action and watch your dreams unfold.

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Glenys Colclough is a consultant, author, and empowerment speaker. She is an advocate for uncovering your passion and co-creating with spirit the life you desire; which she helps others to accomplish through her weekly newsletter, Living Fabulous, podcasts, and lectures. To learn more visit

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