Ursula Stephen’s Best Tips for Refreshing Curls for Fall/Winter

Now that fall weather is upon us, it’s time to turn a new leaf, and first on our agenda is nourishing our hair to health! Celebrity Hair Stylist Ursula Stephen shares a few valuable tips for you to obtain bouncy, healthy and flourishing curls this season with the new Suave Professionals for Natural Hair collection – a line of wash + care and styling products co-created with 5,000 women with natural hair.

The chlorine from the pool can strip your hair of its natural oils, causing it to be dry and brittle. After the summer months, it’s necessary to put the moisture back into your hair. Ursula suggests “using products with ingredients such as shea butter and pure coconut oil to help revitalize the curls while also locking in the moisture. Products like the Suave Professionals for Natural Hair Sulfate-Free Cleansing Shampoo and Suave Professionals for Natural Hair Moisturizing Curl Conditioner will leave your hair feeling soft and moisturized.”

Dry and brittle hair means split ends! Untrimmed ends can begin to go up into the hair shaft causing more breakage and an uneven hair length. Ursula has a great idea when it comes to fixing the problem. She proposes that one should use a leave-in conditioner to saturate the ends of the hair. Once your hairdresser has rinsed the product out, have he/she cut off the split ends to reveal an even length and healthy hair.

For those with colored hair, the summer months can bring sun damage to the hair causing the color to fade or get brassy, giving it a very dry and dull appearance. Ursula recommends “deep conditioning to regain the moisture and shine back into the hair. After you’ve applied the Suave Professionals for Natural Hair Moisturizing Curl Conditioner, sit under a dryer to really let the conditioner work its way throughout your hair.”

Whether it’s by braiding or utilizing flexi rods to achieve this look, twist-outs is such a fun and easy style to do this fall! Curl definition is always an issue for most, as they want the curls to pop when doing this hairstyle but Ursula shared some helpful tricks – “Start off with damp hair and then spritz the Suave Professionals for Natural Hair Cream Detangler Spray to help with the detangling process, as this will help you achieve a defined twist-out. Once the hair is detangled, my favorite product to use in order for those curls to pop is the Suave Professionals for Natural Hair Curl Defining Cream. It’s creamy and rich formula will elongate the curls while also providing added moisture to the hair. Before you start twisting, take a dime-quarter size amount of Suave Professionals for Natural Hair Define & Shine Serum Gel to lock in the curls. This will help set the style overnight and will leave the curls shiny.” There’s been a debate on which method of drying is better in terms of achieving great results – air drying or diffusing; Ursula suggests “diffusing the roots first and then letting your hair air dry the rest of the way.” Once you unravel the twists in the morning, add in a few pieces of hair jewelry to dress up the style.

Women that are constantly on the go and busy don’t necessarily have time to spend on their hair. Wash and Go’s are a quick way to style your hair and get to work on time! To get out the door in about 20 minutes, Ursula suggests “mixing water and a thick curl defining product or conditioner in a spray bottle to not only dampen the hair but to evenly distribute the product onto the hair.” Don’t worry about diffusing – let your hair air dry during the day to achieve bouncy and frizz-free curls.

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