By Editor-in-Chief Shawn Chavis

Here at Bronze we love to lend global support to our African sisters, especially when they are performing great humanitarian acts such as Kenyan top model Ciru Maina.  Ciru (pronounced Shiro) has been appointed the Ambassador to Beauty of Rwanda and their Only One Basket Campaign to better the lives of rural Rwandan women and their families through the selling of their arts and crafts.  Beauty of Rwanda is a UK based company working to change the lives of impoverished Rwandans.  Many of the craftswomen are widows of the 1994 Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi, and others are victims of rape, whom are now HIV positive.
The Nairobi born beauty is a “model on a mission,” and is taking on her new role alongside her existing busy agenda.  When asked about her appointment she stated, “I see the world as a global village and feel we all have a responsibility to help our neighbors where we can.” Ciru, who stands statuesque at 5’10” tall, uses her visibility as a top model to lend her support to other charitable causes as well.  Amazingly, she is also Goodwill Ambassador to two Kenyan charities- The Heart to Heart Foundation, which gives heart operations to underpriviledged children, and CAPTAS, which gives subsidized healthcare and scholarships.
Currently, the Beauty of Rwanda’s Only One Basket Campaign has a schedule of activity in Kigali, Rwanda- May 7th, and Kampala, Uganda- May 14th.
“I see the world as a global village and feel we all have a responsibility to help our neighbors where we can.” ~Ciru Maina   

{Article Source: Greyology Inc.- Ciru’s management, who’ve also worked with major international stars such as Lady Gaga, Usher, AR Rahman, Lush, and Leona Lewis} 
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