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Melissa BrownWith each season, fashion trends change and become re-stylized. However, the one thing that is constant is the creation process and the influences of fashion. Whether it’s music, art, culture or life, all of these components make up the elements of design.

For the past four years, the founders of The New York Fame have been putting on their FAME Rocks Fashion show, which encompasses all the elements that creates today’s fashion: Fashion, Art, Music and Entertainment, hence the acronym, F.A.M.E. However, in my opinion, the E stands for everything else that is missing from the first three letters; that which designers draw from to birth their creations.

With September 10th having been their recent instillation in Brooklyn, Bronze Magazine thought it was time to catch up with the founders and creators to find out why “Fame Rocks Fashion Week” is one of the major off-site events during New York Fashion Week, and deemed as a “must attend.”

The team consists of two sisters and a good friend- all having the last name Brown. Ironically, that is just an example of their destiny on how these three ladies were meant to be partners. Co-founded in 2009 by sisters Melisa and Andrene Brown, and friend Nye Brown, their Fashion Week production company is breaking out new artists, new music, and new designers, creating a fashion experience unlike any other.

The ladies made it clear that their show is not just a fashion presentation. Instead, it is a platform that launches innovative style. In an industry where almost 95% of all new companies/labels fail, upcoming designers need every platform for recognition as possible. Their show is an interaction between art, creativity, style, and the invitation to not only experience, but also enjoy fashion. The trio also said what makes their show different is that through the audience’s unique experience, they are able to understand and capture the story and essence of the emerging designer(s) and artists they showcase in their production(s).

When asked if fashion is a statement or a personal experience, the ladies responded that they feel it’s both. They explained that the statement aspect of fashion is when you get up in the morning and you select your clothes, you are actually letting the outside world know how you are feeling about yourself and your mood for that day. On the other hand, the personal experience is the music you listen to in the morning, the conversation you may have with others in your house, or even the agenda you have scheduled for yourself; all of which can influence your style for that day. Their show contains that same type of fusion. The combination of art, music, and design helps the audience come to their own conclusion of the style that is presented to them.

Over the past four years, each year’s show has dwarfed the previous year’s. So what is the NYF’s criteria? How do they select the designers, the artists performing and fine art? they explain that groundbreaking is the first criteria. Although the artist they select must be doing groundbreaking work, that is not enough. In addition to groundbreaking creativity, the artist must also be on the road to success. The NYF stated that their production company and fashion movement is about being an incubator that births new careers and success for artists that are almost there, but need that something extra to be recognized on a larger spectrum/audience. The culmination of their experience within the business- Melisa on fashion, Andrene on music, and Nye on styling, their ultimate mission is to help artists learn the things that only experience teaches you. Instead of these emerging talents learning from the school of hard knocks, the three lovely NYF ladies want to circumvent the negative by infusing the positive into young talented artists’ careers. Although each of them [NYF ladies] have their defined roles, they each wear many hats to achieve their goal.

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The NYF ladies create their miraculous productions in the same manner as the expression goes, “Rome wasn’t build in a day.” While they are working and perfecting their current show, they are also working on the next show. Their magic is in taking each show as a blueprint for the next one. They use each show as a challenge to outperform with the next show. Maybe that is one of the core reasons for their success.

Nowadays, there are more and more shows off-site during New York Fashion Week. Although the NYF ladies started before the trend to depart from the tent, I asked what did they think were some, if any, of the contributing reasons for this departure. Their answer showed just how much these ladies are on the pulse of what is happening now. Andrene explained that it is primarily based on the creative expression and experience designers want their audience to have when their line is first shown to the public. Similar to the saying, “First impressions last a lifetime,” the current location sometimes limits the creative capabilities designers have and want in creating the necessary environment for buyers to feel their same excitement for their line coming to life.

We ended the interview reviewing fashion do’s and don’t s. The ladies concluded that the only major fashion don’t is to not wear something that doesn’t suit or fit your body shape. Regardless of your shape, there is something fabulous for you. However, when you wear something that doesn’t fit well, you don’t wear it confidently. Confidence is the sheen to any outfit. The gloss that goes with your fashion floss. When you love the skin you’re in, it shows on the outside. Being the genuine you is true fashion sense regardless of what you are wearing; that is the fashion do. When you dare to be different, that becomes the trend to do. The NYF ladies ended with, in actuality there really isn’t a fashion don’t, because if you don’t step out of your comfort zone, how can a new style be created?

After attending the show on September 10th, I clearly experienced and understood the NYF’s amalgamation of the arts that they so ardently expressed, which differentiates their shows from the rest.  The fusion was a seamless combination of fashion, art, and music, compounded with their experience in developing emerging talent that builds their vision of “what’s next” so eloquently. If ever given the opportunity to attend one of their masterpieces, you will not be disappointed. Bronze Bombers this one is a “Must Attend!”


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For more information go to the website: THEY ALWAYS HAVE NEXT!

By Amelia “Ameliaismore” Moore


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