To Have a Little Patience

by Venus Amani

smiling womanSome time ago, I learned something that has never let me down and works in every situation. It’s called patience.
In my quest to find real love, I tend to find myself impatient . You would think I’m having a mid life crisis, as some of my friends would say. I like to call it, “the quarter century crisis.” I’m sure every women in the world has their own issues that tend to make us impatient in this thing we call love.
I can not tell anyone to be patient. I wouldn’t be practicing what I preach. However, I can and I will tell you that focusing on yourself in the meantime is the best method in having patience.
Many of us are not where we would like to be in life, financially and career wise. I suggest you get smart and put your plans in action to be who you want and where you want.
The New Year is coming shortly, so make some resolutions. Whether it’s to lose weight, read more books, network with people in your chosen profession– become a better you.
Many of us tend to worry about the wrong things and chances are, those things or people aren’t worried about us. They are steadily progressing and we are at a stand still.
If you’re a single mother, don’t worry about finding a father for your child. If you are my age and worried about when you’re going to find Mr. Right, don’t stress yourself. I like to believe “what’s meant to be for me, will be just for me!” My friend says this to me all the time and it has stuck to my soul ever since.
We have a lot of work to do ladies and our number one priority should be ourselves, our children, our careers and our families.
If you’re single, a man will come just when you least expect it. Go on about your life. He will land on you just like a butterfly and continue your journey with you.
We have to go through so many frogs to find that right one. However,  if we work on ourselves to become better, we will be ready for when he does come knocking.
P.S — You may be lonely but you’re never alone. Be good to those around you because they already love you. Most importantly, don’t forget to love yourself. All things will begin to fall in place, slowly but surely.
Just have a little patience :-]

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  • LaCarla
    December 27, 2012 at 12:24 am

    I’m so glad I read this article. Being patient is hard. But working on getting to that point is worth a try…once you’ve developed patience, it’s like a whole bunch of weight has been lifted off your shoulders! Stay, cool, calm, and collected everyone!


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