Tips to Prepare For A Major Life-Change

Major life changes can take shape in a variety of ways. Marriage, divorce, having children, or landing a new job are just some of the ways that your life can change abruptly. While these times can elicit all sorts of emotions, the best way to handle change is to prepare yourself. Preparation can help lessen any stress and nervousness that can come with new events. Below are just some of the ways to help prepare yourself for any major changes that you may go through in your lifetime.  

Evaluate the impact

One of the first crucial steps in preparing for life changes is to evaluate what the change is and what it means for your current situation. Does this change mean adding another person to your family? Or does this mean a change in income? Evaluating what to expect can make the change seem less stressful or scary and make it more manageable.

Creating a pros and cons list can help you identify areas of concern and ease which can help you figure out the next steps, or determine if this life-changing event is one that you want to take on altogether (or perhaps take on at a later time).  By removing initial emotions and biases, this evaluation becomes more objective rather than subjective, therefore paving the way for clear judgment.

Embrace the change

After evaluating what the life-changing event means for you, it’s time to embrace your feelings on the subject. This may not be the easiest thing to do, as change can innately be hard to overcome. Acknowledging this discomfort and uneasiness will help deal with any anxieties you may have, thereby allowing you to fully accept whatever the change may be. 

Talking out your feelings and concerns to a loved one or friend can be beneficial to not only understanding your emotions but is also helpful to start the process of planning for the change. Taking charge of the change (such as learning your new commute to work) will help you be proactive, rather than reactive for the upcoming event. 

Plan for the future

Once you have identified the change and how it’ll impact your life, the next step is to start planning. A new life event is a perfect time to think about the future and how your family (whatever that is for you) will be impacted by the change, regardless of the change being positive or bleak in nature. 

Major life changes and events are the perfect time to consider a term life insurance policy. A term policy is paid on through a certain length of time (the term), and once that term is over, no further payment or coverage is applicable unless a new policy is started. This financial benefit is paid to your family in the case of your demise, giving them a payout in either one sum or multiple smaller sums over a length of time. Planning ahead in this fashion solidifies your family’s financial future for the unexpected major life-change. 

Save when you can

Another crucial tip to prepare for any life change is to save money as early and as often as you can. Saving money before a major life event can help keep you grounded when an event does happen. For instance, having a sum of money saved can help in the event of a layoff as it can take some of the financial worries off of your plate, making living through the event a little easier.

One simple and effective way to save money fast is to deposit your wages in a bank account with a savings account attached with a high-interest payout. Setting an easy goal such as $10 a paycheck to be deposited into savings can add up quickly. This tip is not only effective for life events but also can help with large purchases (like appliances) or becoming and staying debt-free. 
Major life changes can be a mixture of emotions and reactions. By spending some time to prepare yourself and your mindset, you can position yourself to make the best of the new circumstance if it’s not what you expected, and to fully enjoy the change if it is what you desired. 

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