Tiffany Watson On Building Her Legacy Through Media And Broadcasting In Baltimore

By Chaundra Scott

Feature Image: Jackie Hicks, Fond Memories Photography

The media and broadcasting industries have been known to be a male dominated industry.  However, many trailblazers are working to change this narrative and to give viewers a glimpse of cultural representation on screen.  In the Charm City of Baltimore, Maryland Tiffany Watson AKA “Lady T” is doing her part to make this change happen.  Tiffany is a local on screen personality who is known for her style, flair, and charisma as she brings the tea, culture, and current events. Although we see her amazing swag on screen now, she diligently worked hard to manifest her present day dreams that we see her live out now.

“Media and broadcasting have surrounded me and inspired me since I was a child. My Mom watched Oprah every single day; and my sister and I sat right there with her,” Tiffany recalls. “I often would say: I want to be Oprah when I grow up! When our TV didn’t work (because we were living in the hood in Queens, New York) we listened to the radio and I was inspired by Angie Martinez on Hot 97. Then I moved to Maryland and I fell in love with broadcasters like Donnie Simpson, DJ Quicksilva, Angie Ang; and Flex & Rain. I just wanted to be just like them. But they helped me find my own talent, my own voice,” Tiffany continues.

Although she was heavily inspired by some of the greats in media, she struggled with finding her own way in the media industry.  Tiffany never gave up and continued to push through her challenges in a triumphant manner. “Sometimes I struggle with doubt and my own fears. It holds me back from taking large leaps of faith towards my dreams or goals,” she confesses. “I was mostly struggling with thinking I always had to prove myself to others. But great things come in due time. When your season strikes, there’s no stopping you,” Tiffany encourages. We’re glad that she continued to press on.  Now in 2022 her influence is tremendous and we are seeing many new trends play out within media and broadcasting. “DIGITAL IS TAKING OVER! Literally! Digital, branding, and social media are the new ways to reach your audience. People want to go online for information and entertainment. People want to walk a mile in your shoes but virtually,” she adds.

“Times have truly changed. I love that individual personalities are being branded and put out there. If it wasn’t for this digital age, we wouldn’t get to see the amazing talent out there now. Nowadays if there is something you are passionate about, you can pick a camera or use your phone to record yourself doing it. 9 times out of 10, somebody is going to watch you and say “give me more.” AND I LOVE IT!,” she expresses in reference to the new digital age.  Currently we can catch Lady T on Baltimore’s Fox 45 network.  However, her on air assignment began in two separate roles with the station. “I made my TV debut at FOX45 in two separate roles in different years – Entertainment Correspondent and then Host. I loved that my station managers were so open to putting a Black woman such as myself, with a big personality, on-air. I’m hype and hilarious; and not what most people are used to,” she adds about her beginning days in Baltimore broadcasting. “They (Fox 45) have some amazing talent there. I am honored to share and be in the same space as such talent. When I’m in the studio I realize that a lot of the Black media professionals/anchors/reporters/broadcasters have paved the way for other Black media professionals such as myself. I don’t take that for granted,” Tiffany Watson continues.

Like us, Tiffany is also in awe of the many amazing Black media professionals who are creating their own space in the world.  From having our own companies to hiring our own from the community, Black culture is embedded into mainstream media and is actively changing the norm.  We are now becoming more and more within the industry and making sure that our representation matters.  “When I saw that Black media professionals were starting their own companies, building their own brands, and hiring other people who were overlooked for years; I said these are exciting times. I watch media professionals and entertainers like Kevin Hart, KevOnStage, Sister Red Jacket aka Anna Douglass, TABITHA BROWN (who my Auntie is obsessed with) and more; I love it!.  Success isn’t stopping for them and everyone around them is benefiting,” she adds.

Tiffany Watson is an acclaimed media personality in her own right.  She is a wealth of knowledge that aspiring professionals can learn from.  She often gives sound advice to those in need as well.  “Find your niche. Discover your own voice AND stop letting people tell you “YOU CAN’T” do something,” she affirms for aspiring professionals.  While she practices her own advice in her industry, self-care is one component that helps her to show up each and everyday in her craft.  Many are learning now that they cannot pour from any empty cup.  Pouring into your own wellness and care is also what makes great industry professionals like Tiffany Watson.  “I’m just now slowing down and focusing on things that I like to do or even things that help me relax. I’ve recently had several massages in the last 6 months just because I felt like it,” she confesses. “I started getting rhinestones, diamonds and bling bling on my nails when I get my mani/pedi because it’s what I like and not what someone else likes. I buy more sequin outfits. My wigs are lace fronts now. Listen, we are moving on up! LOL. But self-care for me means taking care of myself and doing things that make me happy,” she adds.

Tiffany is leaving her mark on the world.  Her legacy will be felt for years to come.  Her contagious spirit and professionalism is what the Charm City needs. “I want people to feel joy when they think of me. I want people to start laughing to themselves about the funniest joke I’ve ever made in front of them or about them,” she continues. “Like I need people to say “it’s Lady T, you never know what she’s going to say next.” and people love me for it. I want people to think of me as someone who inspired them to achieve great things, break barriers, and step out on faith. I pray that people say: well if Lady T can do it, then so can I,” she continues.  Catch Tiffany Watson AKA Lady T on-air on FOX45 and Bmore Lifestyle.  Connect with her funny mantras, bold spirit, and swag online as @myfairladyt.  

Writer, Chaundra Scott, is an MSW, mom, authorpreneur and freelance writer.  Connect with her online at


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