Three Refreshing Travel-size Dove Beauty Essentials

By Shawn Stuldivant

Hey Bronze Beauty! Fall is almost here but I have no plans on slowing down just yet in terms of travel. I’m so excited to be heading to Jamaica for an extended weekend at the end of the month, so not only will I be packing cute outfits for the trip, I’ll also be taking as many beauty essentials as I can squeeze into my travel case. I’m so glad that most brands have travel sized versions of some of my favorite products so that I don’t have to “bulk up” my travel bag. I plan to bring all the basics, including my three Dove Deodorant heroes:

Go Fresh Deodorant Wipes Cucumber & Green Tea ($2.49 for 10 count, $5.99 for 25 count)

This is one of my faves because it’ll keep me fresh while traveling. I can keep it right in my carry-on bag and pull one out to use when I just want a quick refresh.

Dry Spray Antiperspirant ($1.99)

This little cutie contains only 1oz of dry spray action. Perfect for putting in my tote bag for the beach/poolside, sightseeing and conference activities.  

Dry Serum Antiperspirant Rose Silk ($11.99)

I figured I’d save this one for any evening activities. Its serum formula will help keep my underarms dry and my dressy clothes free from stains. I can party the night away!

There you have it! Three refreshing deodorants & antiperspirants that complete my travel checklist. I could use just one and be good for the whole trip, but I prefer a variety and to see what actually will work best for me. What are some of your favorite travel beauty essentials?

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