Think Beyond Tomorrow

by Liz Everett

aa-woman-window-shoppingWhen it comes to both fashion and beauty we are all guilty of living for today. In fact our entire culture is based on the premise of living for today. From the convenience of text messaging to the drive thru window at McDonald’s, immediate satisfaction is the name of the game. However, when it comes to fashion and beauty preparation is the name of the game.

Most people just look at magazines and do not interpret what is really being said. Remember, there is a difference between reading and comprehension. I think it is implied deep into the letters of every article that before Spring or any other season comes we must prepare. Prepare your closet, your skin, and your level of moisturizer.

So you may ask how do I get myself in mode for the next season when I am in the middle of dressing for the current season and my skin looks fine? The point is to start shopping for both beauty products and smart wardrobe pieces well before the season hits so you can take your time finding the perfect selections for your daily routine.

I find that we often have our lives and shelves filled with excess stuff. Most of that stuff serves no particular purpose in our lives other than for spur of the moment satisfaction. After that it gets tossed to the side never to be used, worn or wanted again. You have to stop living like this. There are some super basic keys to success for your long term preparation. People hate to admit for some reason that everyday beauty takes work but you know from the moment your feet touch the floor you are either benefiting from being prepared or trying to catch up.


My best recommendation is to take a personal inventory. Ask yourself what are some beauty mistakes I have made in the past with the season changes? Then ask yourself that same question and apply it to personal style. I have found myself a month into a new season wearing the same makeup colors and still rocking a wedge or boot then suddenly coming to the realization that I was behind the trend not ahead of it.

The other thing that personal beauty & style inventory will give you is a better chance at flawless daily execution. If you take your time building your seasonal weapons you will be a lot more likely to win the daily battle that being gorgeous can be. Taking the time to search the labels of moisturizer creams to make sure you have a heavier cream or that it has a great anti aging serum gives you a great preventative base.

I think prevention is another great tool with your overall daily appearance as well especially when it comes to your daily appearance. By shopping slowly you have more time to really make sure that you are purchasing things that are super form flattering. Building a wardrobe that empowers you is just as important as killer skin care.

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