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The Weeknd Donates $50,000 to Support African Studies



Grammy award winning singer, The Weeknd, recently donated $50,000 Canadian dollars to the University of Toronto. The singer donated the money specifically to the Ethiopian studies department at the university. The Weeknd’s parents immigrated to Toronto, Canada from Ethiopia over 2 decades ago.

It all started when a professor in the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies, Michael Gervers, vowed to donate $50,000 if the university and the Ethiopian community were able to match his $50,000. The Bikla Awards, an organization within the Ethiopian community, reached out to The Weeknd, and he quickly and generously agreed to donate the money.

The Weeknd tweeted on August 6th, “1- sharing our brilliant and ancient history of Ethiopia. Proud to support the studies in our homie town through @UofT and @bikilaawar.”  The president of the Bikila Award, Tessema Mulugeta, told the Toronto Star newspaper what the Ethiopian studies program is going to put the money towards. “This initiative is a rare opportunity and of historical significance in the discovery of Ethiopia’s ancient civilizations, for the preservation of our rich culture, history and traditions.”

By Tiara Bryant

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