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The Unique Sound of Verbosity

By Makeda White

Verbosity is a Philadelphia based Hip-Hop/R&B girl group whose music combines intellectual lyrics with soulful harmonies. Embedded in their music and unique personal style is the group’s pledge to uplift young women. Their unique sound was found after the Hip-Hop/R&B trio (Breezii Lashayee, Niyah Iman and Macky Monea) learned not to confine their talents and to “dip and dab into blending harmonies and rapping all at once.” Now that these ladies have found each other, found their voice and found their platform, they are ready for the world to hear their music.

Bronze Magazine: I understand you ladies come from different backgrounds and lifestyles. Can each of you briefly describe yourself and your unique contributions to the group?

Breezii Lashayee: I grew up on an older style of music; I always loved music that was ahead of my time. I loved singing since I was a kid for fun, and it stuck with me. I realized it was something I was made to do. It started off as my being the singer of the group, until we all figured out not to limit ourselves and dip and dab into blending harmonies and rapping all at once. A unique quality I bring to Verbosity would have to be putting my creative juices on some of our song concepts. I enjoy starting off a good love song.

Niyah Iman: Growing up, I wasn’t the most confident in my rapping abilities and to be honest, singing wasn’t even an option for me. For the two of us even (Macky). I knew I had a gift; I just wasn’t comfortable enough to express it aloud. I would sneak and write poems and raps and recite them to my sister and made sure she promised not to share, lol. Later, I started to believe and understand that the dream and vision that I had was bigger than me, it was a calling. My contributions to the group besides the business aspect would have to be how spontaneous and goofy I am. As serious as this business is, it’s good to be reminded why you started in the first place. I notice when people take things too seriously, they lose the fun in it. 

Macky Monea: I’m Macky Monea, born and raised in South Philadelphia by my mom and grandma, mainly. I’ve been writing poems and raps since I was a little girl. Like Niyah mentioned, singing wasn’t an option for me. I wasn’t aware I was capable of singing until a few years back. I’ve realized winning comes with being limitless. It doesn’t make sense to limit the gifts God gave you, if he blesses you with more than one, use them all! It’s actually selfish to hold back. My contributions to Verbosity a lot of the times consist of our image: makeup, hair, sometimes wardrobe, graphics etc.…

Bronze Magazine: Some have referred to you as the new TLC. Who are some other musicians that have heavily influenced your personal style and music careers?

Verbosity: First and foremost, TLC is iconic, so hearing people even compare us to them makes us want to work even harder! However, many artists inspire us all in different ways: H.E.R. for her message, Destiny’s Child for their harmonies and cadence, J Cole for his word play etc….

Bronze Magazine: Random fun question: what’s your favorite girl group and why?

Verbosity: Verbosity of course! Lol because there’s nobody like us.

Bronze Magazine: In January you pledged to be an example for young girls, so they don’t feel obligated to expose their bodies in order to gain recognition. What inspired you to take this oath? 

Verbosity: The realization that women were doing it for all the wrong reasons. We feel that a lot of women believe that stripping themselves is the only option to receive real recognition. This forces them to plead for society’s approval and/or guys’ attention. That’s what really inspired us to change the vision of what’s been going on for such a long time in music, especially for the younger generation’s sake. We wanted to show them that there’s another way. Just being YOU is enough.

Bronze Magazine: Do you feel the over-sexualized images (through song lyrics and fashion) of female entertainers in the music industry takes away from the craft and outshine their talent? 

Verbosity: That’s a great question. To be honest, yes and no. As an artist you have the right and ability to write about and express yourself however you choose in your own unique way. But why not use that gift to make a difference on the platform you were given? Now, we can’t say we never listen to music with vulgarity because that’s kind of what modern-day music is, and a lot of the material is good. Do we always agree with the lyrics? Maybe not, but hey, to each is his or her own. Everybody’s got a lane, we don’t knock it.

Bronze Magazine: In your “About Me” on your Facebook fan page you each mentioned how music saved your lives. Can you elaborate on that?  

Macky: Recently, I was figuratively being swallowed by my 9-5 job, leaving me little to no energy to pursue my love (music). I had to reevaluate what I really wanted. I wrote about it and I basically gave myself the answer through my own rap, “Do what you love.” I relieved myself of that toxic environment and find myself working harder when it comes to this music thing. All in all, music saved all our lives because there’s nothing else we’d rather be doing!

Bronze Magazine: Your group’s focus is to uplift young girls. Outside of music, are there any other ways you ladies engage with the youth? 

Verbosity: We like to try and reach out to the youth as much as we can. About a month or so ago we had the amazing opportunity to perform at The Liacouras Center for Philly’s College Signing Day. We got a chance to drop some gems to the kids, it was phenomenal. We also have some ideas about workshops/organizations for the youth in the works that we can’t speak on just yet, just be on the lookout.

Bronze Magazine: To the young girls you inspire, what do you hope they get from each of you and your music?’

Verbosity: Be unapologetically YOU!

Bronze Magazine: What is the best song you feel like you have released and why?

Verbosity: When you’re an artist, your songs are like your babies, so we get excited about all of them. But if we had to choose it’d be “Temptation.” We feel like every woman and even every guy can relate. We’ve all been tempted for something, good or bad!

Bronze Magazine: Any last comments that you would like readers to know about you?

Verbosity: Be sure to check out our new official video for our hot new single “Temptation” on VEVO right now (VerbosityVEVO) and stay tuned for what’s in store. We appreciate all our supporters, our VERBabes & VERBoys, we love y’all!

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