The Truth About Karma In Relationships

By Angie G.

“You get what you give.” “What goes around comes around.”   We often use these sayings to describe what we call “karma”; a kind of cosmic justice that creates balance in the world.  It makes us feel really good to know that ultimately no good deed will go unrewarded just as no bad deed will go unpunished.  Somebody or something is watching and keeping score.  And because we generally like to consider ourselves to be on the right side of right, we make sure that we do our good deeds and we sit back and wait for our rewards.

And what about relationships?  We do all the things we think that we should.  We practice being spiritually grounded; we want to be present and emotionally available.  We surround ourselves with the right people; toxic friends are no longer a part of our inner circle.  We keep ourselves physically fit and well groomed; we have plucked and waxed and tweezed ourselves to perfection.  Even more important than all of that, we are good.  So, so good.  Kind, loving, thoughtful and considerate.  We are Ms. Right ready for our “Mr. Right” to appear.  We have cleaned out our emotional junk, done our spiritual homework, and we are ready, willing and able to do and give our best.

But for some of us, the relationship reward seems to be slow in coming.  As a result, we become impatient, dissatisfied and often frustrated.  Frustrated by our story that there aren’t enough available men, or that the ones who are available lack the qualifications that we have determined would make them worthy of our affections.  And finally, we are frustrated by the ones who fail to give us all we have come to expect from a relationship.

What we fail to realize, however, is that every relationship we experience is a direct reflection of who we are in any given moment. Through our relationships, we are given a chance to truly see ourselves: our greatness and our strengths, as well as the emotional wounds that need healing.  Every man can be our “Mr. Right” because each experience provides us with an opportunity to heal and to grow; and better prepare us to become who we ultimately want to be. So we can relax.  Nothing is broken. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is out of balance.
Our karma is good and everything is exactly as it should be.

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