The Strength Behind Single Parents…Thank You For Making it Happen!

Many of us are probably products of single parent households and to be quite honest, we didn’t choose this lifestyle. It is important for a person to look back on their lives and see how their parent made it all happen. Most of the time, people of color share having one parent in the household as a commonality because it is something that we are used to. Studies do show that having two parents in the home create stability and balance for the child, as well as the child having a better outlook on relationships, or even daily behavior.

As stated earlier, children who come from a single parent household are usually the ones who find comfort in being surrounded by a large group of people, finding older friends, or isolating themselves from everyone. Bringing the frustrations from home and going out into the world, and being born into a statistic that simply isn’t for them to be blamed for becomes a bit overwhelming; then, the questions start coming to mind. Why didn’t my mom/dad find any significance in my life? How come mommy/daddy isn’t coming home? Why was my mom/dad left to raise his/her children by themselves? None of this is fair!

Sometimes, it really isn’t the child’s fault. A person’s mom/dad could have been in a tragic accident or an unexpected trauma. But at the end of the day, we don’t get to choose the life we live. This goes back to paying our parents homage for the strength that it takes to raise a child by themselves. Whether it was at the time of birth, or picking up where another parent left off, that change and shift to a child’s life is forever thought-provoking. Who knew what our parents had to do just to see a smile on their faces? Being a parent comes with a lot of patience and taking risks. If you’re a child of a single parent, you may be used to spending long hours after school, joining clubs and sports, or staying at a friend’s house because your mom/dad was working full time. Being independent, not asking for help, or spending time alone is just a few things that children of single parents are used to.

Shout out to all the hardworking single parents who made something out of nothing, just to make their children’s day! They are phenomenal and the Black community needs “other mothers,” single fathers, and family members/mentors who motivate and protect their children. Thank you for breaking down barriers and facing society when the odds were against you. You all did it for your children and they want to make you proud!

By Keara George

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