The Responsibility of Fatherhood – Comedian/Actor Garrick Dixon

Garrick Dixon with daughter

Father’s day is quickly approaching…what of all the great dads that have no problem showing how much they love their children! Garrick Dixon is not only an actor, comedian and business owner but he is also the proud father of two beautiful daughters.

Dr. Percy Ricketts a psychotherapist of a Counseling and Empowerment Group, revealed these eye-opening facts from National Fatherhood Initiative, regarding fatherhood in America:

• 24 million children in the United States live without their biological father.
• In 1970, fewer than 400,000 homes in the United States had children being raised by single fathers. By 2000, that number had risen to 2 million.
• About 27% of White children do not live with their biological father, 35% of Hispanic children and 66% of Black children.
• About 80% of African Americans can expect to spend “a significant” portion of their childhood living without their biological father.
• The fathers of over 1 million children in the United States are in prison.
• African American children are 9 times more likely than White children are, to have an incarcerated parent.

In her article on fatherhood, Marie Hartwell-Walker in Psych Central, says, “Men should be a role model of adult manhood. Both boys and girls need you as a role model for what it means to be adult and male. Consciously or not, the boys will become like you. The girls will look for a man very much like you. Give them an idea of manhood (and relationships) you can be proud of.”

Though Garrick has talents that make America laugh, he never forgets to bring smiles to faces of his children. Just remember, whether it’s President Barack Obama, Actor Will Smith, Comedian/Actor Garrick Dixon, Retired Lieutenant Garry Jones or a next door neighbor, there are men out there who pride in their children. Men of this nature do not let their hectic schedules interfere with parenthood. Cheers to all of the men that take care of their responsibility as a Dad!

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