By Education Contributor Dr. Tekemia Dorsey

To start a business, one must register with the Department of Assessment and Taxation, apply for an EIN, visit the Clerk of the District Court to obtain licensure for sales (where applicable), visit the SBA website, to then be re-routed first to obtain a DUNS number, and then register for CCR, ORCA, the Department of Transportation for WOSB certification, etc. Even with following these steps, there still remains an opportunity for error even with trying to be so, so careful. When an error is found, the careful process you followed is then re-tracked and you are allowed an opportunity to correct what was wrong however, as a parent, 2nd and 3rd chances are not always allowed.
Back in the 80’s and 90’s, Dr. Spock wrote a book for parents and as detailed as that book was, unfortunately the scenarios presented were not applicable for ALL parents and familial make-ups to follow.  What works for one African American family with two parents may not work for another African American family with two parents.  What works for one Hispanic family will not work for another Hispanic family 100%! The makeup of each family is unique and wonderfully made according to God’s will; therefore, each family is required to approach success differently. Because there lacks a parental guide for success with children from varying cultures and diverse backgrounds, such as suggested and described above for those wanting to start a new business parents must be extra careful in who they allow to babysit their children, what schools the children attend, the company or not the children keep, just to name a few because 2nd and 3rd chances are not always guaranteed.
My 13 year old son went against my wishes and created a Facebook account after he asked and was told not to. When I found out, I deleted the page and had another serious discussion with him. At 13 and when social media seems to be the prime focus for this age group, there are more important issues staring him down his face such as his education and having four bull eyes on his back (i.e. young, intelligent, African American, and a male). There will be a time and place for everything and everyone but social outlets such as Facebook has the potential to do more harm than good at this stage in his life. There are predators and negative influences on FB and there are some good people as well but as a parent I had to contemplate what is more important right now in life, allowing him to believe he is  more popular than he really is not or continuing the set a foundation for success as much as I can for as long as I can? For me, one clearly outweighs the other. 
In the US and abroad, we are losing a child once a week to bullying, domestic violence, and date rape alone. Youth are engaging in Oral and Anal Sex and still believe they are virgins. Youth are contracting HIV and sexually transmitted diseases at a faster rate people than people blink their eyes within an 8-hour time span. When youth are allowed to take matters in their own hands, such as raising themselves, making decisions that will affect the rest of their lives that second chance parents seek for their families do not exist.  Like a business there are steps in place for success and as a parent, the steps for success can be measured by what your parents and your parents’ parents did to ensure your survival. However, unlike starting a business, a 2nd or 3rd chance to repeat a step with our kids is not always made available. Take time out this week to minister, relate, and understand further those who you are governed to watch over because if you won’t Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), the morgue, a pimp, a rapist, a sexual offender, or a bully will.
Dr. Tekemia Dorsey
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