The ‘Oprah of the Coaching World’ is Helping Women ‘Design the Life that they Want’

By Brianna Bush

Natasha McCrea is empowering women by helping them “design the life that they want.” She calls herself the “The Love CEO” aka the “Oprah of the coaching world.” Inspired by McCrea’s own journey to self-love she built Love CEO institute, a community where women are transforming their lives one step at a time.

Describe your background and what led you to create Love CEO Institute.

(Laughs) I laugh because I was a love addict. And that’s what kind of sent me on the trajectory. After my second divorce, I decided to go to therapy. And that changed my life. And when I was in therapy, journaling was a huge part of it. It reminded me of probably about six years prior to that I had just moved to Los Angeles and started writing a one-woman show. And as I was taking different classes, I had a lot of monologues but never put a show together. So, a few years after therapy, I knew that I wanted to get back into the industry after taking a two-year break to get my kid off to college. And I thought, how am I going to get back in this industry in a way that is more like a bank? And so, I thought, ‘you know what I’m gonna do, my one-woman show,’ but I really didn’t have a show. I had a lot of monologues. God was like, go to the monologues. So, I came home and put all these monologues out onto the floor. And as I began to read journal entries and monologues, it literally was an evolution of a love addict.

I just put those monologues together and developed my one-woman show called Evolution of a Love Addict. During the show’s run I did a Q&A. I expected people to ask questions about me, my acting, the directing, and writing, but they were asking questions like how do you forgive again? How do you date again after divorce? How do you believe in yourself again? How do you forgive your family for different secrets and situations? I always knew that I wanted to encourage and empower women and this Q&A was giving me an opportunity to really have a direct impact on a woman’s perception of going out and reclaiming her life. I received emails from people as well and I would email them back. During that time, I was introduced to the online coaching world. I decided to put together what worked for me and developed Love CEO Institute to inspire and empower women to step back into their lives and design the life that they want, regardless of what their life has been in the past.

Describe your company Love CEO Institute.

Love CEO Institute offers online programs, which are lessons and lectures and masterclasses, and methodologies that help women design the life that they want. From goal setting to self-care because my main methodology is the love intelligence method, which I developed over the last 10 years. And the love intelligence method is the baseline which everybody has — it is the baseline to how you’re going to view yourself, whether you’re going to be connected to your most authentic goals, whether you’re going to have proper self-care as an expression of love. So that is the core method of what I teach in Love CEO Institute. But It’s a place where women come to promote themselves from love employee to love CEO.

How do you feel when you see people transform their lives and have the life that they actually want?

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to have a front-row seat to someone’s transformation. And I never even take the credit for it. I think any good coach awakens the thing within people that causes them to create the life that they want. And I like being that person who can awaken that in people. I believe everyone has everything they need inside of them. And because we’re a collective consciousness, right? So, you already have it, but sometimes it gets diluted by life.

Why do you believe you attract particularly Black women to Love CEO Insitute?

I think one of the attractions is that Black women are conditioned that we have to work hard for everything, that we have to be grinding for everything and I don’t teach that. I teach that life should feel good and I’m going to show you how to get it. And so, I think that Black women see that and they’re like, ‘hold up, this lady has a business, a husband, a career in acting, and she’s not killing herself. Okay, let’s see how she’s doing this.’ So, I think that Black women who are ready to get off the hamster wheel are ready to stop leaning into that conditioning. I think that they’re attracted to that.

I am sure everyone wonders this when they speak to you as a coach. How did you find love again?

It took me going through the fire. This is my third marriage — third and final. After my second divorce, I literally didn’t think that I was worthy of love. I just felt like I’m always gonna have that struggle for love. And that’s not even love. That’s a myth. If it’s love, it’s not struggling.

But I always thought I was going to be that person who struggled. And I was always doing for everyone else, and I very much had a people pleaser mentality. So, after my second divorce, I went to therapy. And I realized that I was the most important character in this play. And everything else trickles from that. And if I’m not okay, then nothing’s okay. And so, when I went to therapy, I just rebuilt; that was my first experience hearing anything about love addiction. So, I started researching a little bit more about love addiction and then I started asking the question, well, what is love, really? And that’s when I began to take every class read every book, went to different workshops, and therapy. And that’s when I started to develop,

 how do I have a life work for me where I’m number one because if I’m not number one in my book, how am I expecting to be number one in someone else’s?

How does who you are make your company what it is today?

To my core, I feel like I respond to life in general with love. I am human. But my philosophy in life is that it should feel good. And you should spread love. And most of the time, if you don’t feel good, you’re not spreading love. With me living my life, I believe it’s iron that sharpens iron, so it’s who I am as a person and my philosophy of life should be a pleasurable experience. And I should be able to do whatever I want. This definitely pushes along the lessons and the courses and the resources that I give my clients because I want everyone to come on that pleasure train with me. Everyone should have the opportunity to feel that. And I think overall, that’s what I strive for. That is a direct reflection of what I’m teaching my clients. And so, because this is what I teach my clients, it’s always a constant reminder for me to live that.

What is one piece of advice that you give to every Black woman?

That you matter. And it’s important that you become the main character in your life. Because I feel that a lot of times, Black women play supporting roles. And sometimes we act like we’re main characters, even though you’re playing a supporting role. You know, it’s like, oh, you’re doing this for this and that person. And there’s a certain level of business that people are addicted to because it keeps them from, you know, diving into the deep stuff.

You’re the most important piece of this puzzle. And if you tap into authentic self-care, as an expression of love, everything else will follow. Your money will increase, your relationships will change, and you will be able to see what it is you really want opposed to all the things you’re doing for everybody else. And It’s hard. It’s hard because a lot of people find their identity in doing for others.

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