The Meaning of Carol’s Daughter Now…


In recent beauty news our favorite daughter and hair company has been bought out by one of the largest cosmetic companies gracing the shelves. Yes, Carol’s Daughter has been bought by L’Oreal USA. Am I shocked? I don’t know. I couldn’t understand this because most women of color as well as women of other ethnicities love her brand. Their following was bananas.
What does this mean for us? My initial thought was, will the formulas change? Are the products going to be placed on shelves or displayed for the initial target market? How will this affect the price? Will this become just another drugstore brand? I was excited when Carol’s Daughter launched a line for Target. Women who didn’t have the means to go to a department store could now get great products and experience something different. While on the contrary, some women and men felt the pricing was still a little on the high end for the brand to be in mass retail.
As time progresses and we begin to see a shift, whether good or bad, the importance of supporting all brands is very important. I must say within the past couple of years I’ve been conscious of where and who I spend my coin on. There are so many people who literally give up everything in order to make their dreams a reality. However, when you’re at the mercy of social media and a trendy, celebrity-endorsed society, it can make things quite difficult. If we expand our horizons by purchasing a product we normally wouldn’t purchase, and then tell a friend, it will create a ripple effect in support of any brand.
One last thought/question I have is, will this inspire you to go out and buy Carols Daughter or does it get left on the shelf because its L’Oreal USA and not Lisa Price?

by Rosalyn Robinson

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