The Levels of True Friendship

by Ariel Swopes

True friendship is important to have because we all need someone to lean on sometimes. The definition of friendship becomes more simple when you become the friend you want to attract. Understanding what makes a friendship authentic is key. Here are a few components of a healthy friendship.

  1. Honesty- Having a friend a that agrees with you just because you are their friend is not healthy. Real friends should be able to voice their opinion even if it’s not the response you were looking for. Being honest is key to a solid foundation.
  2. Support- Support your friends by any means necessary. Share their business post, send them words of encouragement, if you can’t make an event, send a quick text or make a call expressing how proud you are of them. Support is more than just spending money on a product or item. It’s showing that you care about the growth and well being of your friend.
  3. Compassion- Show your friend that you care. Ask about their well being, and mental state. Make sure you check in on them even when everything seems to be okay. Sometimes your strongest friends are in need of mental support the most. Listen to your friend, let them know you are there for them.
  4. Growth- Understand your friend is an individual, which means growth is necessary. Don’t be so quick to assume the worst about your friendship if you notice your friend may become a little more busy. When working on personal goals it requires time, effort, and dedication. Understand that it’s okay if your friend is not your business partner in everything you set out to do.
  5. Loyalty- Loyalty is everything. Be devoted to your friends, do not disrespect them. Set boundaries, and do for your friends out of love, not expectation.

Be the friend you’ve always wanted and once you get it, value it wholeheartedly.

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