By Contributing Writer Phaedra Anderson

Marian Anderson, Sojourner Truth, Queen Sheba, Queen Nefertiti, Mary McLeod Bethune, Harriet Tubman
You were put here to be more than just a significant other.
You were put here to be more than just a sister to a brother.
You were put here to be more than just a mother to a child.
Do you understand who you are?
You are a daughter of Africa who’s, as deep as, the Nile.
You are the offspring of great kings and queens,
from your womb flows the riches of the great Kimberley,
from your past comes the existence of all human beings.
Like Nefertiti, Queen Sheba, you were put here to reign,
to conquer, to educate, to lead your people into the light,
to hear and speak for the deaf and to see for those without sight,
to shelter the innocent, to protect the weak, to feed the hungry and to come by any means.
You have the strength of Harriet, the boldness of Truth,
the knowledge of Bethune, to teach to the youth, 
the voice of Marian to sing to your people, 
“We shall overcome,” but today we still are not equal.

You were put here to uphold what has already been started

by the later ones, the “Great Ones,” the dearly departed.

Queen Nefertiti
Queen Sheba
Harriet Tubman
Sojourner Truth
Mary McLeod Bethune
Marian Anderson 

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