“The Game Remains the Same”

by V. Amani

couple on dateI was reminded that no matter your age the “game” of relationships remains the same. I am turning 25 years old and I am most certain that a young women age 17 or a mature women age 45 could be experiencing the same trials and tribulations of dating.

One would think that with age comes wisdom and maturity. However, the dating game is simply a cycle. This is how women are able to relate at all ages when it comes to men. Dating is a universal topic to discuss amongst all women no matter the race or age.

When you’re young and have your first crush or experience the first of many heartaches its the female figure in your life that can relate to your happiness or pain. Whether it may be your aunt, sister,mom or grandmother they are more capable of sympathizing with you. Men are able to as well but more so empathize because they know the pain they can inflict on a women.

Why are women able to relate? It’s very simple. We all have experienced it once upon a time or are still having those same difficulties.

Make no mistake about it that with age, especially regarding women, we find knowledge and wisdom in dealing with relationships. We are more equipped to handle matters of the heart better than when we were younger.

In this generation black women view each other as competition. In actuality, we should be embracing and inspiring one another to be better individuals.
Relationships and dating can be difficult but if many of us come together as one and learn from one another, it can make for a better experience.

More importantly, we need to love one another and ourselves before we can begin to love a man. Only then will we be able to “peep” game and know when to move on when we are not being respected and valued in a relationship we chose.

Message of the week: Love thy self and love thy sisters. These are the special bonds that help develop us into strong, mature, and respectable women even though the dating games can be tough.

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  • Ya Bee
    December 17, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    I agree with your words of wisdom. I think as young women and even older adults, we are not fully equipped or prepared to deal with the depth of a relationship. I often say, my mama ain’t prepare me for this. Relationships are difficult. They take time, patience, and flexibility.

  • Jackie Shine
    December 25, 2012 at 3:21 am

    Well said! It always surprises me when I walk by another sister and I’m ready to say ‘hello’ and she looks the other way or down at the ground to keep from speaking. But I am always happy when I do run into another sister and we both speak at the same time! How cool is that! Your words are so very true!


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