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The Essence of a Well Groomed Man

By Dakota Somerville

…he smells of tropical paradise

Hello, my beautiful Bronze Sisters, I stopped by to share what the sexy bearded men of Virginia have been up to as of late. They are taking beard grooming to the highest level of self-care. As a Blogger on the scene, I’ve found myself in awe, almost mesmerized with the interest expressed in being a well groomed man.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a classy upscale beard care product launch hosted by Rugged Evolution, Inc. CEO, Arrington Gavin greeted his private invite guests at the exclusive Westin Hotel, Virginia Beach, Va. This twenty-three year old young African American businessman is by far the one to watch in the beard game. Rugged promotes a brand of all natural products for men, with a phenomenal eye-catching brand slogan.


I must admit to my readers, up until one year ago I didn’t fancy a bearded man very much.  Honestly, now that I can see such admiration and self care, my tune has changed and I’m singing a brand new song. Hampton Roads, Va., along with Rugged Evolution has set the bar very high on growing and maintaining a healthy beard life. One of the high profile distinguished guests on deck for the launch event, daytime Emmy Award Winner Rushion McDonald, who also happens to be the architect of the Steve Harvey global brand, spoke of mentorship for young entrepreneurs. He flew into town just to offer his support, and more than a few laughs on how he’s growing a healthy beard to impress the ladies.

Impromptu interviews are the essence of a good writer. I enjoy sashaying around the room chit-chatting with celebrities, unbeknownst to them, I’m actually interviewing them. Listen and learn sessions were conducted, the audience became interactive as renowned leading Trichologist, Dr. Prenik James presented not one, but two life changing training demos on how to master the perfect beard. Cleansing, exfoliating, brushing, and of course a smooth scented oil is a must, that was the main takeaway, as quoted by several handsome bearded guests.


Los Angeles Celebrity Stylist, Patrick A. Lewis, who is also the creative director of Rugged Evolution, Inc., added a touch of magic, not only to the wardrobe of the CEO, but let me also include the amazing photo back-drop and red carpet atmosphere. What captured my attention more than once, were the beautiful women in the room who love and support their bearded men. Summer 2018 has arrived, we find ourselves out and about a little more than usual, beard care is trending all over the world, pay attention the next time you encounter a well groomed bearded man. If he smells like tropical paradise, he just may be wearing Rugged Evolution, Inc….ask him what he’s wearing, and then tell him you read about a healthy natural product line, it’s all LOVE.




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