The Echo- A Poem In recognition of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  There’s something I wanted to tell you but don’t know where to start

I wish my words could save you from deceptions of the heart

I guess the first thing I would say is, always recognize your worth

If I’ve never said before, you’re too precious to accept any hurt

Make no mistake, your heart will break, sometimes he’ll let you down

But make sure his desire is to ease your pain when he causes you to frown

And if he ever hits you, I mean the very first time he lifts his hand

You turn around and leave right then, because he is not a man

I’m so sorry I never showed you, by the way I lived my life,

what it truly means to be a valued, loved and cared for wife

You never should have witnessed the beatings I would take

If I could do it over, oh the many changes I would make!

Trust me, never, ever feel that you must stay there for the kids

just think of how terrible it was for us every time I did

Think of how you wished that we had struggled all alone

Than to live in fear, no sum was worth the terror inside our home

Baby girl, please know that I loved you more than I can ever say

And I would do anything to have never failed you in this way

HE had the problem I realize now and I need for you to know

You played no part in my bad choice, be at peace, move on and grow

I pray you never fall victim to fear, my dearest

keep your head up and be brave

My last prayer is that you’ve heard my words

an echo from the grave….

By Danee Riggs

In honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, for education and/or assistance please visit;

It is my earnest prayer that no man, woman or child endure another day filled with violence and pain. But for those that are effected, there are many of us who care and who want you to get help and to live your best lives, fully and without fear.

Please visit for more educational and useful links.

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