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The “Birdcage” Sings At Lord & Taylor

If you are getting stressed by the holiday and shopping and all the fashion decisions you have to make not to get holiday returns and faux pas… Lord & Taylor had the antidote.

L&T Birdcage 7         L&T Birdcage 9

The “Birdcage”  sang  at Lord  & Taylor last week when Lord & Taylor hosted another installation of their “Birdcage” program hosted by  New York  Magazine.

L&T Birdacage 1     L&T Birdcage 14

 While drinks were served on the 2nd floor, the music was pumping; spun by none other than young entrepreneur/fashionista extraodinaire Hannah Bronfman.

L&T Birdcage 2        L&T Birdcage 6

One of the festivities of the event was for customers and guests, who had an opportunity to select a key and  see if they could open the birdcage, which hosted gifts from new designers that Lord & Taylor were showcasing as contemporary designs!  Winners were delighted when they were able to pick the gift of their choice for being able to open the Birdcage.

L&T Birdcage Winner         L&T Birdcage 8

 I got a chance to speak with one of the chosen new designers who was elated at the opportunity to sell in Lord & Taylor.  “Lord & Taylor is not just for my grandma anymore, she says. Programs like Birdcage gives new and upcoming designers like us an opportunity to connect with our desired customer who appreciates quality and doesn’t object to our price point.”  Her brand, Amour Beauty, is a new lip gloss line that is sourced and manufactured in the United States.  As a matter of fact, a lot of the  designers who were showcased that night actually sourced and manufactured their lines right here in NYC.  Many of them are endorsing and supporting the new initiative to bring back the garment district to Fashion Avenue. She explained, ” I am happy my line was selected.  A lot of women wear makeup, but even more wear lip gloss, so it was an obvious choice to start this line. Amour Beauty has great colors and moisturizes while accentuating your beauty.”
   L&T Birdcage 23     L&T Birdcage 21
If you want to see some of the other designers that showcased that night, check out my Facebook page @Ameliaismore Host.  If you would like more information on Birdcage, follow them on twitter  #Birdcage or #lordandtaylor  ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS!!
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