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the 30 & over project: Remembering Our Veterans


If you are over 30 (and closer to 40), it means you were born in the early 70’s and you may have a relative who was a part of the Vietnam War. It’s been 50 years since that war began and on this day let us remember the long-term consequences and effects of that war on the men and women who fought and served in it, but also had to come home to America to deal with the aftermath. Because not only did they have to deal with the backlash of America’s involvement in Vietnam with the protests and anti-War demonstrations, but also, our Black and Brown soldiers still had to fight for their rights to be treated as equal citizens in America.

As a shout out to ALL Veterans on this day of recognition, here’s a great spoken word feature from one of the greatest spoken word artists to every grace this Earth, Gil Scott Heron. (He is one of my poetic idols and we lost him in 2011). This is a short but sweet, but powerful piece on peace: Work For Peace. Enjoy and remember the Veterans! I pray they get all of the health/medical coverage they deserve for their sacrifices.

Gil Scott Heron, “Work For Peace”


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