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College CookingThose of you in the 30 & Over crowd may have students leaving for college soon, either as a freshmen or as a returning upperclassmen.  I recently overheard the interns in my office talking about how hard it is to learn to cook in college.  For those who live on campus, I guess this probably isn’t an issue for many reasons: 1) most college students are on the university food plan and 2) you usually can’t have appliances in your dorm room.  But, for those students who either live off campus all year round or just for the summer, an alternative to eating pizza or ramen noodles would probably come in handy right!  So, here is a quick list of cookbooks I found on Amazon.com for college students. Please share them with any college student you know!

The Healthy College Cookbook


The $5 a meal college cookbook

College Cooking: Feed yourself and your friends


The Everything Healthy College Cookbook


The ultimate student cookbook


Cooking for College Students: A Beginner’s Guide


I (heart) Trader Joe’s College Cookbook


College Vegetarian Cooking



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