TGIT is Officially Back!

By Kadisha Kentish

It’s official! All the dramas you love on ABC’s famous TGIT night are back. Grey’s Anatomy returned on September 28th, with a two hour premier followed by How to Get Away With Murder. And on October 5th the lineup was finally complete with the premier of the final season of Scandal.

Grey’s Anatomy is now three episodes into its 14th season. This medical drama first aired in 2005 and is still going strong. We all know the craziness this show can hold and have to prepare for what Shonda has in store. Here’s a recap of season 13:

Amelia and Owen just got married at the end of season 12 and while everyone is at the reception, DeLuca is rushed to the ER after being assaulted by Alex. Alex then turns himself in to the police and is charged with a felony assault in the second degree. Pending his trial, Alex is no longer allowed to work at Grey Sloan Memorial as a surgeon and is assigned to work in the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic. DeLuca ends up dropping the charges against Alex to protect Jo and Alex is hired back as Chief of Pediatric Surgery.

Amelia and Owen begin to have marital problems when a pregnancy scare makes Amelia realize she doesn’t want children because of what happened to her first child.

Maggie’s mother Diane visits Seattle to have a consult from Jackson, only to reveal she has inflammatory breast cancer; which Maggie doesn’t know at the time. Diane’s mastectomy reveals her cancer to be worse than they initially thought. And all Maggie’s efforts to save her mother aren’t successful.

Catherine Avery looks into why so many residents have needed second chances and Bailey hires Eliza Minnick to change the hospital’s teaching style. Eliza and Richard’s ways of teaching clash. Richard finds out Eliza intends to take over Richard’s job and this causes a civil war in the hospital with Bailey and Richard on opposing sides. Eliza and Arizona start to form a relationship.

Stephanie and a wandering girl, Erin, are taken hostage within the hospital by a violent rapist. In order to save the young girl from being kidnapped, Stephanie sets the rapist on fire, but he manages to drag himself to a gas tank which causes an explosion in the hospital. Stephanie fights to keep Erin alive. Stephanie is successful but tells Richard that she’s quitting.

Owen gets word that his sister Megan has actually been alive this whole time. and Meredith is the one to give Riggs the great news.

Summary of the first three episodes:

Season 14 starts off with Megan Hunt’s reunion with her brother and fiance. Though she is alive, it turns out Megan has an open abdominal wound that is preventing her from returning to Iraq for her son. Meredith ends up being the one to come up with a plan to get Megan’s wound closed. Meanwhile, Amelia gets obsessed with yet another impossible case and Owen’s family wonders what’s going on with their marriage. Jo and Alex finally know the whole story and get back together. Meredith tells Riggs that he needs to fight for Megan and remind her why she fell in love with him. Saying, “You better not screw this up.” It is later revealed that Amelia has a brain tumor that might explain her impulsive and obsessive behavior. Amelia, Meredith, Owen and Maggie prepare for the next steps of removing Amelia’s tumor.

These three episodes leave us with so many questions like: What’s going on with Jackson and Maggie? Is there really something there? Will Owen and Amelia’s marriage survive when her tumor is removed? Will Amelia live? Will Riggs take Meredith’s advice and fight for Megan?

Keep watching to find out, new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy air every Thursday at 8/7c on ABC.

Scandal had a later start than the other two shows, but is now on its 7th and final season. The rollercoaster that is the gladiators is now coming to an end but not before giving us one last ride. Here’s a recap of season 6:

The results of the presidential race name Francisco Vargas as the next President of the USA. However, in a shocking twist, Frankie is assassinated during his acceptance speech. This causes some confusion about who will be the next President. Olivia suspects Cyrus of killing Frankie but changes her mind when she sees how distraught he was at the hospital. But Quinn, Charlie and Huck find a voicemail from a volunteer on the Vargas campaign claiming Cyrus did kill Frankie. Cyrus is convicted for the murder of President-elect Francisco Vargas and is sent to jail. It is revealed that Eli was the assassin behind Frankie’s murder but someone is controlling him. Huck’s love interest, Meg, is revealed to be the traitor when she shoots Huck. Abby is also working for the group behind killing Frankie. Cyrus is found innocent due to new evidence. Samantha Ruland (one of the people behind Frankie’s assassination) tells Mellie that she will be President. When Mellie disagrees, Ruland kills Liz. The safety of Mellie’s children are threatened to keep her  quiet about Liz’s death. Fitz brings Rowan to the White House to protect him. Ruland is held in the bunker while Mellie names Luna Vargas as her Vice President. They try to get Ruland to lead them to Peus but he plants bombs across the country to get Ruland and Mellie back under his control. Jake finds Peus and shoots him as Rowan stabs Samantha to death with a dinosaur tooth. It is revealed that Peus and Ruland were working for Olivia’s mother. Luna Vargas is revealed to be a traitor and is killed, Olivia becomes the new Command of B613 while remaining Mellie’s chief of staff.

In the season 7 premiere, Luna is dead, Cyrus is right where he wanted to be as Vice President, Mellie is giving her first address to Congress and Olivia is enjoying the good life. As Olivia states when blackmailing the Senator to vote with Mellie on free college, it’s her world. Eli and Olivia have dinner and Eli tells her she can’t have it all. To which she replies, “Watch me.” Meanwhile QPA (formerly known as OPA) is struggling to find clients. They’re in business when a client comes in worried her father is missing overseas. QPA discovers that the missing man is a CIA agent and takes the case to Olivia, who is too busy with Jake in her bedroom to converse with Quinn. Jake’s solution to the missing CIA operative is to kill him because he is compromised. This doesn’t sit well with Olivia. Not pleased with Olivia’s leadership on this, Jake goes to Mellie with the situation and she sides with him. And Olivia isn’t having that. While they are attempting to kill the agent, Olivia threatens the ambassador’s son to get the spy back alive. Olivia and Mellie get into an argument about the situation and Olivia tells Mellie “1. You do not ignore me. 2. I am right, always. 3. There is only us.” She goes on to say that Mellie can only become a monument if she listens to Olivia. So we all know who the boss is here.

To see if Olivia really can have it all watch Scandal every Thursday at 9/8c on ABC.

How to Get Away With Murder is now on it’s fourth season. This drama has yet to run out of plot twists. The mystery of who killed Wes has yet to be solved and Laurel is still on the case. Here’s a recap of season three:

We spent the first half of season three wondering who was under the sheet.

Before the Fire:

The “Keating 5” start their second year of law school and are struggling with their grades. Meanwhile, Annalise teaches a pro-bono clinic. Oliver starts to work for Annalise’s clinic. Flyers of Analise with the word killer on them circulate the school. Annalise’s license is suspended after a video of her slapping a client is released. To get her license back, she agrees to a rehab program for alcoholism. Annalise and Nate break up and Nate sleeps with ADA Atwood. Wes breaks up with Meggy and sleeps with Laurel. Frank frames Charles Mahoney. Annalise learns that she’s under investigation by the DA’s office, causing her to relapse. Analise burns all the files from Sam and Rebecca’s case and leaves her house without locking the door. Wes is called in for questioning and is offered immunity to testify against Annalise. Laurel goes to the Keating house alone arriving before the fire. Annalise returns to find her house on fire and to see them wheel out a body that turns out to be Wes. Annalise is arrested while Laurel is rushed to the hospital.

After the Fire:

Now that we know Wes was the body under the sheet, we have to find out who did it. The DA’s office is determined to prove that Annalise killed Wes with the help of Frank. Laurel suffers from PTSD after finding out Wes was the body. Connor estranges himself from the group by making nasty comments about Laurel not wanting Wes to be the father of her baby. Annalise posts bail after being abused in jail. Wes’ body is moved and Nate is suspected of doing it. It is later revealed that Denver is the one behind the removal of Wes’ body. Knowing that Denver will not give up, Annalise decides the only way out is to pin the murders of Sam, Rebecca, and Wes on Wes himself. Laurel is convinced that Charles Mahoney is behind Wes’ murder. But we find out that her father is the one behind the murder of Wes.

Summary of the first two episodes:

In season 4 Annalise gets her license reinstated as long as she attends therapy. But in light of this great news she decides to let Michaela, Laurel, Connor, Asher, and Bonnie go. Laurel decides to have the baby. Following these events, the Keating 4 apply for new internships while Bonnie has an interview with Denver. Nate suspects Bonnie’s reason for working for Denver is so she can be a spy for Annalise. Laurel now suspects that her father killed Wes. Michaela gets a job at Kaplan and Gold; the firm that represents Laurel’s father. Laurel then enlists Michaela to help her investigate his involvement in Wes’ murder. And the scene we are building up to is a confused and drugged Laurel laying in a hospital bed screaming, “Where’s my baby?”

Solve the mystery of what happened to Laurel and why Wes was killed by watching, How to Get Away with Murder every Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

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