Without revealing my age, I can remember a time when I would write down all of my private thoughts and feelings in a journal. I used to keep my cute little book with its matching pen hidden in a safe place where no one could find it. Today, in the age of all that is social media, blogs have taken private journals to a whole new level. Blogging, the act of maintaining or adding content to an online diary, has become so increasingly mainstream that there have been more than 133,000,000 blogs indexed by Technorati (internet search engine for searching blogs). Blogs have much more functionality than just typing your own thoughts. You can share links, photos, videos, ideas, and articles on your blog. You can even belong to a blog community, a supportive network consisting of other bloggers who share your same interests.
The number of women bloggers is increasing rapidly. Currently there are over 40 million women engaged in social media weekly with 55% of these women being involved in some sort of blogging activity. Although the primary reason women publish blogs is for fun they also view blogs as a reliable source of information especially when it comes to making purchase decisions. Women are also finding their voices in business through the use of blogs for the purpose of sales, marketing, advertising, and branding.
I am sure that blogging is here to stay and we especially as women of color must learn how and/or continue to utilize these tools in order to let our voices and opinions be heard. In the meantime, here is a link for the top 43 blogs by Black women to follow via NetworkedBlogs, a Facebook application at, and the top 50 blogs by Black women who are passionate about elevating and representing other Black women in a positive light via Clutch Tastemakers at As for me, I have long since relinquished my cute little book with its matching pen in order to join the ever so exciting blogosphere. Happy blogging!

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