Taking Care of Problem Skin

By Nsi Amah

Hey, Bronze Beauties! The skin has been such a popular topic lately in the media because every girl wants that perfect skin; no blemishes, no discoloration, etc. Skincare can be complicated when you can’t seem to get it to be as clear as you want. Several factors can affect your skin and the way it behaves.

Eat a Balanced Diet

When people tell you they can’t have soda or too many acidic foods, believe them. Acidic or sugar foods can attack your skin because you are in-taking too much of it which can cause create breakouts. It is best to eat a balanced diet, drink lots of water and I mean a lot of it! I’m not saying avoid fruit juices all together but you would want to keep the sugar intake as low as possible. Natural sugars from organic fruits are key. Synthetic sugars and high quantities of salt can ruin the skin you have worked so hard on.

Morning/Night Care is Important

Your morning and night routine is a good start to clearer skin. When your pores become clogged with oils and dirt, it creates inflammation and that leads to breakouts. Washing your face day/night will minimize that inflammation. If you frequently wear makeup, make sure it’s completely wiped away and go for a deep cleansing wash. Skipping out on washing your makeup can do damage to your pores. If you have oily skin, try adding toners to your daily regimen to keep the oils to a minimum.

Make an appointment with a dermatologist

Making an appointment can make or break your skin routine. The dermatologist can run tests to see the core issue with your skin whether it’s allergies, skin illnesses, medication needed or you need a deep cleaning by a doctor. Once you meet your doctor, he/she can recommend any further action that is affecting your skin. Sometimes, home remedies won’t work on deeper issues. A dermatologist can solve issues that are beyond skin deep.

Exfoliate and Face Masks!

If you haven’t been exfoliating your skin regularly, then now it’s the time to buy a scrub or make one yourself. Exfoliating should be in your skin routine because it helps your skin feel like a baby’s as you shed the dead skin that makes it feel rough. This will also help your skin refresh, soften and breathe. However, this should only be done twice a week. Over exfoliating can irritate and encourage breakouts.

In addition to this, you should invest in face masks. There are all different types based on your needs – moisture, balancing, clarifying or detoxify.  Face masks are a good way to keep blemishes and pimples at bay. Sometimes you make them from the ingredients you have in your kitchen! This saves you money; you know what’s in it and that it will also be completely organic because it is made by your hands. Taking care of your skin is all about doing so from the inside out. Eat good and treat your body good; it will thank you.

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