Taking Care of Dyed Locs

By Nsi Amah

Hey, Bronze Beauties! I’m sure a lot of you want to do more with your locs than style them; you probably also want to play with the color to add some spice. Playing with color can be super fun because there’s so many colors to choose from. Taking care of your dyed locs can be a bit of a challenge, especially when the dye tends to make your hair dry. Don’t worry, there are simple tips to keep your locs thriving and happy with dye!

Conditioner is your Best Friend

Since your locs are prone to dryness, it’s best to have conditioner at your side after you shampooing. You will have to condition your locs a little more often after your wash days. Better yet, deep conditioning your locs will be your best option. After shampooing, be sure to deep condition your locs with some heat for about 25-30 minutes to help lock in moisture. Your hair will thank you for this because dyed locs will break off if they are too parched.

Use Color-Safe Shampoo/Conditioner

It is important to switch your shampoo/conditioner to one that is geared towards maintaining color. Color-safe shampoo and conditioner have a specific formula to promote color longevity. They are designed to keep your hair moisturized and prevent your dye from fading too fast before your next dye job. It will be to your benefit to look up which hair brands carry color-safe products, like Shea Moisture or Dr. Locs. Your hair will thank you!

Protect your hair at Night

Night protection is super important, especially if you don’t sleep with a satin or silk pillowcase. Sleeping with a satin/silk scarf, bonnet or a do-rag will prevent your locs from becoming dry. Materials like polyester, cotton or nylon will absorb the oils and moisture from your locs. It is safe to create a barrier between your locs and your pillowcase. You can also get a satin/pillow from Walmart, Target or Amazon.

Hot Oil Treatments Hot oil treatments always do the trick when it comes to kicking the dryness away from natural hair. This is another step to consider when your shampoo is drying or if you live in a hot climate. It is best to do this after washing when your hair is damp from towel drying. A hot oil treatment just requires a mixture of your favorite oils (Grape seed, Olive, Sweet Almond Oil, etc)  and lightly heating them in a bowl of hot water. You don’t want to warm this mixture too hot, or it will scald your scalp. You want the oils warm enough to give your wet locs the moisture they need. Once you have the oils warm enough in a bottle, you can slowly start pouring the oils from the roots to the tip of your locs. You can either wrap your locs in a plastic wrap or a moist towel and sit under a hooded dryer for 15 minutes. The final step is rinsing them out in cool water very well and your locs will be super supple!

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