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Itchy Scalp Diaries


For the latter half of last year I was experiencing the worst case of itchy scalp syndrome. This was all new to me, since most of my life I’ve had a healthy scalp. It all begin about three days after my wash day. It started off feeling like a mosquito bite on my scalp, and ...

Back to Hair Basics


We all have those periods when we just haven’t been spending the proper amount of time taking care of our hair. If you’re a mom getting back into a routine with school and everyone's schedule, your hair takes a back seat. If you’re a student adjusting to new elements, water, and living space, these can ...

Winterizing Your Hair


Over the summer I let my curls breathe and used conditioner as a styling agent as well as a moisturizer. I also went to using lightweight oils, keeping my regimen to a minimal. Now that the weather is changing and the air is getting a little brisk, rotating products to ensure your hair remains healthy ...