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Are You a Leader? Top 5 Characteristics of Women in Leadership


by Sylvia Browder “If women would realize what an influence they have, they would be filled with pride. If men recognized how influential women are, they would be scared to death.” Katherine J. Kehler  What do successful women business leaders have in common? Do their leadership qualities differ? An understanding of the primary characteristics of women ...

Networking, Marketing & Branding


New Beginnings with Dhylles... As an Entrepreneur Consultant, I am excited and fulfilled in being my own boss and working for myself, but it does come with a lot of hardships and requires lots of strategizing. Owning a business is totally and completely different from working for someone else. As aspiring and established entrepreneurs, it is a ...

Video: 5 Ways to Spend Less Time On Social Media


by Tanya Smith Have you ever found yourself losing hours of time in social media with nothing to show for it?  Watch my short video in the new “6 Minute Tutorial” series and learn 5 tips to spending less time on social media. Got more tips?  Have experience with this topic?  Share your comments. About Tanya Smith Tanya ...

Promoting Excellence: Y.A.B.


What do Lauren Bealor, Courtney Griffin and Daisy Sutton each have in common? they are Young, Ambitious and Beautiful, which also happens to be the name of their organization. The three college educated women from Michigan State University are striving to be the best in every aspect of their lives. With a strong focus on ...

Entrepreneur Lauren Maillian Bias is Taking Care of Business


A passionate pioneering entrepreneur, wine expert, marketing and branding pro, philanthropist and former international fashion model, Lauren Maillian Bias is most certainly a woman of many talents. As Founder and CEO of  her newest venture, Luxury Market Branding, Lauren works closely with her clients to create and implement plans that establish and maintain brand identity ...