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A Mothers Open Door


Can you recall hearing stories told of mothers from back in the day who loved and cared for children who were left behind by a parent? literally abandoned. As a young girl growing up, I was privy to countless family chronicles, spoken ever-so-softly by my Native American maternal great grandmother Leila. She loved, nurtured, and ...

Celebrity Moms and Their Kids


We Love seeing celebrities and thier children. Women like Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, and Beyonce remind us how beautiful motherhood is. In honor of Mother's Day on sunday, below are a couple of photos of celebrities and the reasons behind their smiles, their kids. For hot topics visit us at



By contributing writer Danee Riggs The day my daughter called me a “good mom” and her ‘HERO’, I hadn’t done anything that spectacular. No leaping buildings in a single bound or any other such feats. There was a beetle in our house and it was crawling on the floor between us. Now, anyone that knows ...