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Denisha Hardeman: Living the Dream


From living in Houston as a track runner to now following her dreams in L.A. as a writer, producer, and actress, Denisha Hardeman, is dedicated to making a name for herself while also impacting others. Growing up in Houston, Texas, Denisha got involved in both track and theatre at an early age. However, living in Houston, ...

Masha Dowell: A Global Black Woman


  She's an actress, writer, filmmaker, global advocate and a business woman/entrepreneur.ย  Oh, and did I mention she is a former scientist?ย  Masha Dowell is NOT boring, that's for sure.ย  This multi-talented lady went from conducting scientific research (Identity testing, Cancer, West Nile Virus) to gaining great experience in Hollywood (Edmonds Entertainment, Simmons Lathan Media Group ...