By Contributing Writer L. Denise Jackson

Your mind is the power behind everything that you do (and don’t do).  Many people want power and little do they know, they have the most powerful tool possible for FREE!  The MIND!  Minds create, destroy, propel, devise, design, and are the source of our success.  Mindsets hold and shape our visions, our dreams, our strategies, our plans, our inner most thoughts, and also can hold those things that hold us back like our insecurities, failures, mental weaknesses, and fears.  WOW!  That is a lot of power to give something that is not tangible.  We cannot put our finger on it but, one thing we know is that it is there.

One thing that everyone and anyone reading this must understand is your mindset is YOURS.  Your mindset is for you to control and once you lose control of it, or pieces of it, you lose your power.  When someone influences your mind it can be to strengthen it or weaken it.  How do you know which is which?  Your mind will tell you.  Do you still feel empowered?  Do you feel at peace with what is in your mind?  Do you feel you are being led to do the right thing?  Are you confident that you are being nurtured to grow in your appropriate desire?  Can you look at yourself in the morning?  Can you sleep at night?  Are you able to share it with others if you need to talk about it?  Can you discern when someone is not directing you the right and proper way?  If you answered yes to all of these questions, you are being strengthened.  If you answered no, your mindset is being weakened.  Wow!  It is just that simple but it is also just that dangerous if your mind is being influenced or overtaken by the wrong person.  And the secret…your emotions can block your mindset and place you somewhere you don’t want to be.
That all sounds personal, so let me get to the business aspect of this.  There are three strategic phases that your mindset must go to be sustainable.  The first is you need to observe, discuss and make the case for sustainable changes for your business.  For that to happen, there must be a collaborative effort of various groups and executives with influential skills and the ability to be change agents to help with employees’ adoption of new practices. The second is for the sustainable mindset to embrace long-term relationships, partnerships, and investments to sustain profits, talent, and continue to preserve and protect the environment.  Last and absolutely not the least, executives and professionals need to be cognizant of the human capital necessary and what type of leadership to build into their sustainable business model ensuring the right people are in the right place doing the right things and are prepared for current and future challenges.
Mindsets are wired to process more than we really can wrap our realistic thought area around.  In the past couple of years, the world, and more specifically the business world, has observed a substantial increase in eco-awareness with the inclusion of the everyday consumer, as well as targeted clients.  As business owners, entrepreneurs, and busy professionals, we must realize the innovation in products and services to use by soliciting suggestions and data from all levels of staff, your customers and community, and vendors.  Everyone that is affected by your business should be able to provide ideas and solutions for you to consider as you are planning or making environmentally and fiscally profitable changes.
With all of this said, there are a few core or foundational components that make up the sustainable mindset and can be used to take us to the next level onward to THE level we desire to experience.  Those are the spirit of inquisitiveness, the energy to have experiment eagerly, and the wherewithal to be inclusive. 
I know that this article was a mouthful, or a mindsetful, but it is all of this and so much more to have a productive, progressive, and proactive sustainable mindset.  And all of this can foster your success.

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