Sustainability? What is that? What it is, what it isn’t and why you know.

By Bronze Contributor L. Denise Jackson

You have probably heard of this word over the past year or two.  At times has been synonymous with green.  But so many people still do not know what the word really means and what it means to you. 
Sustainability is not a new word.  The word seems like it is complicated and really DEEP!  The word also applies to every area of our lives and to our existence.  It simply means “the capacity to endure” but encompasses different healthy ecosystems and environments. 
There is the environment, including the earth and science. The next is our consumption of resources which affects economics.  The last is society, including our community.  Throughout my articles I will share with you different areas where you can be sustainable in your daily living from your normal activities like water usage to your lifestyle selections like fashion and make-up. 
We are in a unique place because with the focus on using our resources more wisely everyone is looking for ways to conserve, use resources to help others and invest in others, and profit responsibly.  Therefore, it is quite easy to find alternatives to toxic, wasteful ways that we have been living.  New technologies and solutions are being explored, researched and created everyday with the overall focus of implementing results in a safe and accountable manner for the client or consumer immediately and future generations as well.
What I need from you as readers is an open mind to try new things and products to live a less toxic life and operate businesses that are more responsible than operations have provided in the past.  We are going to look at everything from health and beauty, food and travel, to operating businesses, social contributions and so much more.  I hope you are ready to try items and incorporate new things into your life that are safe and designed to save you money and make you healthy.
Today, I want to share with you an audio that is about being watchful and not wasteful.  It is something that I recorded especially for my VIP group and I will not be sharing many of these but this information will be pertinent for anything that you do in your life that you want to become more sustainable in doing. 
The other thing I want to do today is share with you how big the sustainable apparel world is that I will call “green fashion” and this is just one list.  There are several others.  I will be speaking with some of the green entrepreneurs and creators of products that are in mainstream stores all over the world.  You do not have to trudge to the flea market to buy items that are “green” and they are affordable or as comparable to anything else that we purchase.  The other thing you do not have to worry about is how you are going to use all of these new products because we are not supposed to be adding lives but managing and minimizing.  Well these new products are going to replace your old ones so be ready to get some of my personal favorites and suggestions of products that I have used and are a part of my lifestyle.  I am looking forward to sharing with all of you.
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When you are finished with your post, you are going to say… “hmmm now what am I going to do” because you have done it all in one SEND!  Isn’t that great??!!
Okay, that is it for today folks.  Until next time, live sustainably!
L. Denise Jackson, Founder of The Professional Green Network is an author, trainer, business strategist and sustainable solutionist, and has upcoming weekend workshops to build your business and your life.

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