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Summer Nail Trend: All that Glitters


Revlon Transforming Effects

This summer if your nails are sparkling then you’re on trend. Adding glitter to your manicure is a sure way to spruce any old nail polish. Don’t have time to design and create a story? simply apply a glitter top coat and your mani has just gone from blah to hello! Revlon makes it easy for us to do so with their Transforming Effects Top Coat, available in 8 styles which provide a glaze or textured look for any nail polish. These are perfect to mix or match, create patterns, or my favorite way, which is to wear alone when I’m in a rush or don’t want anything too dramatic. A wash of color with a hint of glitter goes with any outfit or occasion. The polishes retail for less than $7 at drugstores everywhere.

by Rosalyn Robinson


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