Summer Nail Designs

By: Kadisha Kentish

When the weather is warm, of course we want both our hands and feet to look great. And sometimes we don’t want to travel to the nail salon to achieve these great looks. Even if you’re not a professional nail artist, you can achieve great looks doing your nails yourself.

For those who like a simple look, all you need to worry about is your color. The best colors to go with in warm weather would be light and bright colors. You can opt for pastels, neon colors, nudes or whites. Picking a beautiful color will most likely be enough for you.

For those who want to be a bit bolder, you might want to try a design. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting anything crazy! Here are simple ways to get a design that won’t drive you crazy:

  • You can try the sunset/ombre nail design. Start by choosing two colors, one will be your base color and the other will be the second layer at the tips of your nails. If you have longer nails you can use three colors.  Apply your base color and let it dry (add two coats if necessary). Once your nails have dried, get some plastic (like the covers you used in school to hold your reports) and paint your two colors side by side. Paint them as close as possible. Use a toothpick and blend the ends of the two colors that are touching, together. Then use a makeup sponge and place it over the colors to absorb them. Make sure to place the second color so that it touches the tip of your nails. When your sunset nails are dry, add a clear top coat. Then clean the areas around your nails with a cotton swab and/or a brush.

  • If you don’t want to go for the sunset/ombre look you can still use the method to create a design you like and with as many colors as you want. Paint your design on your plastic sheet and use your makeup sponge to apply it to your nails.

  • You can try your hand at strips or any other designs that you feel you can handle by using a striping brush. It doesn’t have to be anything overly complicated, but the striping brush will make trying a design easier as long as you don’t over saturate the brush.

  • Or if you wanna try out dots. Get yourself a dotting tool and experiment with your nails.

  • For those with long nails, you can try the latest design of painting both sides of your nails. Pick two colors that you like, one will be on your nails and the other will go under your nails. Before you paint your nails, make sure underneath is clean and dry. First, you’ll paint your nails. You can just paint one coat and let it dry. Your second coat can go on after you’ve painted underneath your nails. Then take your striping brush, pinch back the pads of your fingers and paint the flip side of your nails. Be sure not to over saturate the brush. Let the flip side dry, then add your second coat and clear top coat.

Good luck with your summer nail designs!


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